aespa’s Ningning unexpectedly sat out yesterday’s “K-Wave Concert Inkigayo” due to health concerns, causing concern among fans and viewers.

aespa Member NingNing Unable to Perform During K-Wave Concert Inkigayo

On June 2, SM Entertainment released a statement announcing that Ningning would not be participating in aespa’s performance at the “K-Wave Concert Inkigayo” in Incheon that evening.

“During rehearsal, Ningning exhibited symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion, so she immediately went to the hospital, and the doctor advised her that she needed plenty of rest and stability.” – SM Entertainment

According to the agency, Ningning had exhibited symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion during the rehearsal earlier in the day. She was promptly taken to the hospital, where a thorough medical evaluation was conducted. Following the consultation, the attending physician advised that Ningning “needed plenty of rest and stability” to recover fully. Consequently, it was decided that she would sit out the performance to prioritize her health and well-being.

The announcement stirred concern among fans who were looking forward to seeing the full lineup of aespa perform. Despite the sudden change, the remaining members—Karina, Winter, and Giselle—proceeded with the scheduled performance, showcasing their professionalism and dedication to their fans.

Fans took to social media to express their well-wishes and support for Ningning, using hashtags like #GetWellSoonNingning to send positive messages and hope for her swift recovery. The outpouring of support highlights the strong bond between aespa and their fanbase, who prioritize the members’ health and well-being above all.

Ningning’s health scare serves as a reminder of the physical and mental demands placed on K-pop idols. The rigorous schedules and performances can often take a toll, making rest and proper care crucial. SM Entertainment assured fans that they would monitor Ningning’s condition closely and ensure she receives the necessary care and rest.

We wish Ningning a speedy recovery and hope she returns to the stage healthy and stronger. Get well soon, Ningning!