Baekho is getting ready for a new project! The NU’EST member has just been revealed to be working on a duet single with a fellow HYBE Labels artist. The new song, which will also feature fromis_9 member Jiwon, is reportedly set for release next month!

Baekho Reportedly Recording Duet Single with fromis_9’s Jiwon

In recent reports on November 23 KST, it has been revealed that Baekho is gearing up for a comeback with a digital single set to be released in early December. This anticipated release will feature the vocal prowess of Jiwon, the main vocalist of fromis_9.

Fans are eagerly awaiting this collaboration, as it not only signifies Baekho’s return to the music scene but also introduces an exciting partnership with Jiwon. The upcoming duet single is poised to showcase their musical synergy and offer a fresh addition to Baekho’s discography.

Having last treated fans to the release of “Elevator” in August, this new music venture serves as a much-anticipated follow-up. With the combined talents of Baekho and Jiwon, expectations are high for a captivating and melodious track that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on listeners. As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to experiencing the musical chemistry between these two talented artists.

Baekho as a Solo Artist

Kang Dong-ho, widely recognized as Baekho, is a multifaceted South Korean artist celebrated for his roles as a singer, songwriter, producer, and television personality. Best known as NU’EST’s lead vocalist and producer, Baekho made headlines when he chose to remain with PLEDIS Entertainment even after the group disbanded in March 2022.

October 2022 marked a significant milestone in Baekho’s career as he ventured into the realm of solo artistry with the release of “Absolute Zero.” The solo debut not only showcased his exceptional vocal abilities but also provided a platform for Baekho to express his unique musical vision independently of NU’EST.

Fans eagerly embraced this new chapter in Baekho’s journey, anticipating the unveiling of his creative prowess beyond the group dynamics of NU’EST. As he continues to navigate the solo landscape, Baekho’s artistic versatility and passion for music are poised to captivate audiences, reaffirming his status as a prominent figure in the South Korean entertainment industry. With the upcoming duet single featuring fromis_9’s Jiwon, Baekho is set to further expand his musical horizons and delight fans with exciting collaborations.