Former NU’EST member BAEKHO is intensifying excitement and intrigue surrounding his upcoming comeback through a remake digital single. He recently released a captivating “Elevator” teaser, featuring him exuding a powerful aura within an elevator, accompanied by an unidentified woman.

BAEKHO Feels The Tension In the New ‘Elevator’ Teaser

On August 30, BAEKHO dropped a new performance film teaser for “Elevator.” In the preview, the former NU’EST member shares a lift with a mysterious woman who can’t help but be drawn to the singer. She also takes glances at his physical attributes while pretending to be disinterested. The video then concludes with the two looking at each other.

It’s an exciting tease for things to come. Needless to say, LOVEs can’t wait for the release of the remake digital single.

Baekho thrilled fans with the announcement on August 21, disclosing his plans to release a remake of Park Jin Young’s 1995 hit, “Elevator.” Additionally, this song is notably famous for its provocative lyrics and has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

The singer’s decision to reinterpret this iconic song from the past has generated immense anticipation among fans and music enthusiasts alike. It’s also an opportunity for the singer to showcase his unique musical style and pay homage to a legendary artist in the K-pop industry.

Kang Dong-ho, who is better known as Baekho, is a versatile South Korean artist known for singing, songwriting, producing, and TV. He is NU’EST‘s lead vocalist and producer and decided to stay with PLEDIS Entertainment after the group’s disbandment in March 2022.

In October 2022, Baekho began his solo career with the release of “Absolute Zero.” Fans eagerly anticipated this new chapter, which allows Kang Dong-ho to showcase his creative musical talents beyond NU’EST.

Baekho’s remake single “Elevator” reimagines J.Y. Park’s infamous track and promises a fresh take on the iconic song. It will also be part of the ‘[bæd] time Project #1 initiative’ and is slated for release on August 31, 2023.