It looks like BIBI is already preparing for a February comeback and her new track appears to be a reference to a yummy South Korean snack!

BIBI Set for February Comeback with “Bam Yang Gaeng”

Popular singer BIBI is gearing up for a comeback next month, according to reports on January 23. The new track, titled “Bam Yang Gaeng,” is scheduled for release after the Lunar New Year holiday. This announcement comes just three months after BIBI’s collaboration with Becky G in the track “Amigos.”

“Bam Yang Gaeng” takes its name from a traditional snack made by boiling and shaping ingredients such as chestnuts, red bean paste, vegetable gelatin, sugar, and taffy. The choice of a culturally significant title hints at the artist’s exploration of diverse themes in her music.

BIBI has been consistently delivering a variety of musical styles, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Fans are eager to see what unique sound and concept she will bring to “Bam Yang Gaeng.”

In related news, BIBI revealed she knows some of the industry’s biggest names. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, BIBI shared insights into her connections within the entertainment industry, revealing that she has the phone numbers of two BTS members—RM and Jungkook.

While she acknowledged having RM’s number and jokingly mentioned the uncertainty of their closeness, she added a playful note that they might not be that connected. BIBI then disclosed that she also has Jungkook’s contact in her phone but humorously insisted that they are not close either, addressing BTS’s fanbase, ARMY, and requesting not to receive any backlash. She concluded by expressing her love for ARMY.

This intriguing revelation about BIBI’s interactions with BTS members has stirred excitement among fans. The upcoming comeback and her unique connections with RM and Jungkook have added to the anticipation surrounding BIBI’s musical journey in 2024.