Moon Sua has finally broken her silence. The BILLLIE rapper has shared a new post on social media more than a month after her brother’s passing. Sua’s latest post pays tribute to the late ASTRO member Moonbin on his 49th day of passing.

Moon Sua Breaks Silence on Moonbin’s 49th Day of Passing

Moon Sua has kept her silence since April 20, a day after her brother Moonbin passed away in his home in Gangnam. The BILLLIE member also went into hiatus, choosing not to promote with the rest of the group.

As of June 7, Moon Sua returned to her personal Instagram account. She posted a brief black-and-white video featuring herself and Moon Bin practicing together.


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“As rumored, Mr. Door-Frame-Moon’s backside was as broad as a door frame and warm,” Sua wrote. “I should’ve climbed on it some more when I had the chance.”

“Next time I see you, give me more rides,” she continued. “My dearest, one and only brother. Still, always, and forever, I’ll love you on and on. Don’t be sick, be healthy, eat your meals, and be happy.”

Moon Sua’s post coincides with Moonbin’s 49th day of passing. On the same day, a new memorial space for the “Mermaid Prince” actor was opened at Gukcheongsa Buddhist Temple. Fellow ASTRO members Cha Eun Woo and Sanha were the first to visit the memorial site before it opened at Namhansangseong.


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Moonbin’s younger sister had previously left a letter at his memorial space set up in front of the FANTAGIO building.

“Oppa, it’s me, your one and only precious sister Sua,” she wrote. “I came to visit (the memorial) too. I cried so much so I’m going to stop crying now. I’ll smile more now. I’m going to do what I want to and be happy. So, I hope you are going to be happy there. Please watch over your sister, if I’m doing well or now.”

Moon Sua served as chief mourner at her brother’s funeral. It has not yet been confirmed whether she will resume activities with BILLLIE.