BTS fans, mark your calendars! The group has just unveiled the 2024 Festa schedule for this year’s annual festivities, signaling fans to prepare for their 11th anniversary celebrations.

2024 Festa Schedule Revealed

“Festa” is an eagerly awaited yearly event that unites BTS and their fans, known as ARMY, in celebrating the group’s debut anniversary on June 13. This two-week extravaganza is packed with fresh content and surprises, keeping fans engaged and excited.

Despite all BTS members currently serving their military duties, the 2024 Festa will continue the tradition of commemorating their debut anniversary with remarkable enthusiasm. The celebration will kick off with the release of the official poster on June 2, setting the stage for the events to come.

On June 3, fans can purchase tickets for the “BANG BANG CON” concert, which will be streamed online on June 8. The virtual concert experience also promises to bring BTS’s electrifying performances to fans’ screens, ensuring that ARMY worldwide can partake in the festivities.

BTS Festa Still Happening This Year

As the much-anticipated date of June 13 approaches, BTS has tantalized fans with cryptic messages containing the words “ARMY” and “SEE YOU,” hinting at special events or surprises planned for the anniversary day. The intrigue surrounding these teasers has only heightened the anticipation, as fans also speculate about what BTS has in store.

In addition to the major events, the Festa will likely include a series of smaller releases and activities. These could range from new music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive interviews to interactive fan events, photo collections, and possibly even surprise collaborations.

BTS in FESTA photos for 2022. Credit: Facebook/BTS

Each year, BTS Festa serves as a heartfelt thank-you to ARMY, reflecting the strong bond between the group and their fans. It’s a time to celebrate the milestones BTS has achieved since their debut in 2013, and to look forward to future endeavors. Despite the physical distance created by their military service, the Festa also ensures that the connection between BTS and ARMY remains as strong as ever.

So, as June approaches, BTS fans should get ready for a wave of exciting content and memorable moments. Whether it’s through virtual concerts, special releases, or interactive events, the 2024 BTS Festa is also set to be a celebration to remember. Stay tuned and prepare to join BTS in celebrating their incredible journey and 11 years of music, growth, and unforgettable memories.