It’s time to return for more happy, quiet moments in the forest: The seven boys of BTS are going back to the soop (숲; the Korean word for forestfor In The Soop 2.

The official In The Soop Twitter account shared the news with a teaser poster. Although the release date was not revealed, it is confirmed that In The Soop BTS ver. Season 2 will air in October 2021.

ARMYs were delighted when BTS In The Soop 2 was officially announced. Many fans admitted that they have been looking forward to it since the previous one concluded. While it is a reality show, most ARMYs were just thrilled with the idea of seeing RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook enjoying the time they have for themselves, away from their busy schedules and usual worries of the world.

The first season of In The Soop followed the idol group as they spent several days in a beautiful remote lakehouse in Gangwon-do Chuncheon.

The reality series gave the Bangtan Boys some time to recharge, unwind, and enjoy their time together, with nature as their setting. It consists of eight episodes that were an instant hit with ARMYs worldwide. Here we witnessed Jungkook prepare jjapaguri, V trying to unlock the door with his “passcodes” Lajibolala and Rock Bison, and Jimin clear the dishes and even play ping-pong in his hanbok. It was the same BTS reality show where we saw RM paint, Jin fish, and Suga panic to get his music equipment. Most moments with J-Hope, on the other hand, are shared sweetly with each member as he took the time to bond with them. Particularly heartwarming is when, on his drive with Taebear, they ate sandwiches packed by Taehyung’s eomma.

In The Soop was such a success that it spawned another reality show featuring the group’s HYBE labelmates SEVENTEEN. In The Soop SEVENTEEN ver. is currently being broadcast on JTBC and Weverse.

While we wait for the official broadcast date of BTS In The Soop Season 2, let’s watch the official teaser featuring our favorite Bangtan Boys.

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Featured image: BTS In The Soop confirmed for S2. Photo: INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter