J-Hope is saying goodbye to ARMYs, at least, for now. The BTS rapper logged on for a final Weverse Live before his military enlistment next week. Jung Hoseok took time to assure fans that he is preparing for his military service.

On April 13, ARMYs learned that J-Hope will begin his basic training on Tuesday, April 18. The BTS member will enlist with the New Recruit Training Center Division A in Gangwon-do. However, Hobi made sure his fans got a proper farewell before he left.

J-Hope Logs Final Weverse Live Before Military Service Next Week

In the early hours of April 15, J-Hope logged on to Weverse Live to interact with ARMYs. He read fan comments and admitted that he is no longer worried about his military enlistment.

“To be honest, I felt like ‘what do I do’ about a week ago. But now I feel okay to the point I wonder if I should feel this way. Maybe I became indifferent,” he said.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately,” Jung Hoseok added. “I thought ‘time passes by so fast,’ that it’s already time (for me to enlist).”

J-Hope also assured ARMYS that he is taking time for himself before his enlistment. “I’ve been eating and sleeping well,” he stated.

Jung Hoseok confirmed that he received his notice for military service on March 16. He also revealed that fellow BTS member Jin reached out to him with some great advice.

“Right when I got the notice, Jin contacted me. I asked a lot of questions, and Jin gave me advice on what I needed,” J-Hope said.

Jin is the first member of BTS to enlist for military service. Kim Seokjin began his enlistment in December 2022 after promoting his solo debut single “The Astronaut.”

J-Hope will begin his military enlistment on April 18, 2023. He is expected to be discharged by October 17, 2024.