Kim Namjoon, more popularly known as RM, has and always will be BTS’s reliable leader. Through hardships and successes, he has proven that they can all count on him. 

And there are just moments when he is done with it, like these top 5 memorable translations from Bangtan’s Rrrrrrrrap Monster.

1. Strong power, thank you

Who would forget this iconic moment?

On a 2016 episode of SBS’ The Show, an emotional Kim Taehyung delivered a heartfelt message to ARMYs:

“Always, thank you for giving us strength.”

Which Namjoon accurately translated as, “Strong power, thank you.

2. Heartbreaker

Following V’s message, Jin said with all his heart, When I see ARMYS, my heart warms and I can feel it beating.”

Everybody just lost it when RM translated it as, “Heartbreaker.”

3. Jimin you got no jams

Filming their flight to LA, J-Hope implemented a “Now, only English time. Only English speaker, ok? You know what I’m saying?” He then proceeded to interview the members, requiring them to only answer in English.

4. Suga doesn’t sleep

When asked what talent did they discover during this pandemic, Suga sincerely talked about how busy he was writing songs, learning the guitar, producing, and a whole lot of activities for what seemed like a vv busy schedule.

For BTS’ resident English translator, it’s “Suga doesn’t sleep.”

5. Jungkook Picasso

Did Jungkook say he has been spending time painting?

In the same BTS Ask Anything Chat guesting, RM took this opportunity to explain that “Jungkook Picasso.”

Bonus: We all know what an angry Hobi looks like

While RM translates mostly for the group, Hobi tries to help whenever he can. In one interview, he showed his protective side for RM. Seeing his exhaustion from translating, J-Hope grabbed the mic from him, urging the translator to do his part. Proof of what RM said about him in Festa 2020:

J-Hope is a professional. He always makes things work in any shootings or any circumstances. He never loses his smile.

Through everything, RM always stands up for the group and he is there for them no matter what.

While the boys are studying English now (except for Jimin who is either watching or learning from Netflix), we hope to see more of these adorable interactions! Quoting J-Hope, “My heart is oh my god!