“Happy birthday to me!”

Around an hour before his birthday, Jungkook just surprised ARMYs with a VLIVE broadcast. Being the soondoongie that he is, he had a mini-concert and asked ARMys to send him comments which he then turned into an insta-song.

J-Hope, his Hobi Hyung, also made a special appearance and brought him his birthday cake.

He then sang a few more songs and connected with ARMY before capping his birthday concert, thanking everyone for the 축하해/happy birthday.

As of writing, Jungkook’s birthday Vlive has been played at least 21 million times and “liked” with at least 2.4 billion hearts. #HappyBirthdayJungkook is also trending on Twitter, with more than 1 million tweets in less than 3 hours after midnight (KST) of September 1.

Watch the replay of Jungkook’s birthday broadcast on VLIVE here and check out how ARMYs worldwide are celebrating Jungkook Day from North America to Europe and across Asia.

Featured image: Jungkook welcomed his 24th birthday with ARMY on VLIVE. Photo: BTS/VLIVE