Jungkook is opening up about his impending mandatory military enlistment. The BTS maknae confirmed that he is already thinking about enlisting for military service. In preparation for his enlistment, Jeon Jung-kook revealed his plan that will ease ARMYs into the idea.

Jungkook Discusses Future Military Enlistment

On May 25, Jungkook held a live stream to interact with his fans. During the broadcast, an ARMY commented, “The military loves you.” The “Euphoria” singer agreed, saying, “It’s true.”

Once military was mentioned, Jungkook immediately remembered his fellow BTS members who have enlisted. He pointed out that J-Hope has finally graduated after several weeks of basic training and shared a photo with the idols. The “My Time” vocalist then admitted that Jung Hoseok has grown so much during his training.

“Our Hope hyung recently had a ceremony for completing training,” Jung-kook said. “Hope hyung uploaded a selfie on our group chat, and his eyes became very manly.”

Jungkook then stated that he will also need to fulfill his military obligations in the future. However, he assured ARMYs that he would return in a cool manner.

“Ah, I have to go (to the military), too, though,” he said. “I’ll go and return cooly.”

Jung Kook then shared how he intends to ease fans into the idea of his military enlistment. According to the “Dreamers” singer, he will not cut his hair suddenly. Instead, he plans to cut it shorter gradually until ARMYs get used to the shorter look.

“Rather than cutting all my hair suddenly, I will gradually cut it shorter and shorter,” Jungkook said. “It’s called hair-lighting,” he added, making a play on words from “gaslighting”.

“I will keep cutting my hair shorter until you guys all of a sudden ask, ‘What, when did his hair become so short?’ ‘When did he buzz his hair?’ And so I will make it so that (my short haircut) feels natural,” Jungkook said.

It’s a thoughtful idea that ARMYs immediately appreciated. Fans were grateful that Jungkook is always thinking about how his supporters will feel about his military enlistment.

For now, BIGHIT MUSIC has not yet made an announcement about Jungkook’s mandatory military enlistment. In the meantime, Jin and J-Hope are the two BTS members who are serving their country.