RM is proving that the MDA (Ministry of National Defense) Agency for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery & Identification chose right. The BTS leader delivered an inspiring speech at his appointment ceremony as the new public relations ambassador for MAKRI.

BTS Leader RM Chosen as New MAKRI PR Ambassador

On June 1, RM attended the MAKRI appointment ceremony as the organization’s new PR ambassador. During the ceremony, the BTS rapper accepted his new role with a gracious speech.

“First of all, it is a sincere honor to serve such great people as the public relations ambassador for the KIA Recovery and Identification Organization. This year marks the 10th anniversary of BTS’ debut,” Kim Namjoon said.

“Over the past 10 years, we have conveyed numerous messages through diverse songs and campaigns,” he added. “However, I have often reflected on how to reciprocate the love that we’ve received from our Korean fans and fellow citizens.”

“It started with an interest in what I can do to express and represent my love for Korea and its culture,” RM continued. “Visiting museums showcasing Korea’s traditional ancient art and modern, contemporary Korean art was integral to this personal exploration.”

I sincerely believe that BTS and I can dare to be here in 2023 because there are many people who have worked hard in their respective positions until the country, which was devastated by the Korean War and more, prospered beautifully like this. We give you our infinite gratitude and respect.”

RM Explains How MAKRI Helps South Korean Citizens

RM then shared how being the new ambassador for MAKRI is in line with BTS’ goals. He also explained how the organization helps the citizens of South Korea reunite with lost relatives.

“Lastly, I am honored and proud of myself because I was able to participate in meaningful work with the many people who participated in this event today. I will also work hard to become helpful to the KIA Recovery and Identification Organization even a little. Thank you,” the rapper concluded.

RM and the rest of BTS are currently preparing for their 10th-anniversary celebration BTS Festa 2023 which kicked off on June 1, 2023.