Girl group Candy Shop has welcomed a new member, Julia, into their ranks! This exciting update comes shortly after the announcement on May 10 by Brave Entertainment that Yuina, one of the original members, would be temporarily stepping down from her activities due to health concerns.

CANDY SHOP Adds New Member Julia

On May 14, Brave Entertainment provided further details, stating, “Candy Shop is in the final stages of preparation for a comeback in June. With Julia joining before this comeback, the group has finished reorganizing. We ask everyone to show interest in Candy Shop’s upcoming activities, which will bring fresh energy to the music scene with their more mature look.”

Julia’s addition to the group is anticipated to bring a fresh dynamic to Candy Shop as they gear up for their June comeback. Her profile pictures, which were shared on Candy Shop’s official channels, showcase her elegant and charming presence. In the photos, Julia is seen posing against a tranquil beach backdrop, exuding a pure and fresh vibe with her long hair and a simple white shirt.

Born in 2008, Julia is currently attending high school. Despite her young age, she brings a wealth of talent to the group. She is skilled in playing the piano and flute, and also has acting abilities, which may add an interesting dimension to Candy Shop’s performances and overall appeal.

CANDY SHOP’s Road to Success So Far

Candy Shop is a relatively new girl group from Brave Entertainment, having officially debuted in March with their mini album “Hashtag#.” The debut marked the introduction of a new girl group by Brave Entertainment after a significant hiatus of approximately 13 years. The group has quickly gained attention for their fresh and energetic approach to K-pop.

The recent changes in the group’s lineup were initially announced on May 10, when Brave Entertainment confirmed Yuina’s temporary departure. At the same time, they revealed their plan to introduce a new member to ensure the group’s continued success. Julia’s inclusion now completes this transition, maintaining the group as a four-member ensemble poised to make a strong comeback.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to Candy Shop’s return to the stage in June. With Julia’s addition, the group is expected to present a renewed and more mature image, captivating audiences with their enhanced performances and musicality. As Candy Shop continues to evolve, supporters are excited to see how Julia’s talents will contribute to the group’s future endeavors and successes.