Chungha has broken her silence after officially parting ways with MNH Entertainment. The “Killing Me” singer wrote an emotional letter to her fans to assure BYULHARANGs about the future. Kim Chung Ha also apologized for the extended delay of her next album ‘Bare & Rare Pt. 2’.

Chungha Breaks Silence on MNH Entertainment Departure

Back in January, MNH Entertainment confirmed that Chungha had decided not to renew her contract with the agency. Chung Ha’s contract expired at the end of March but the soloist did not immediately speak up about her plans. Luckily, things changed when the “Bicycle” singer shared an update on her official fan cafe.

Chungha penned an emotional handwritten letter addressed to BYULHARANGs. First, she apologized for not keeping her fans updated on her plans.

“After sharing the news that I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise regarding the release of ‘Bare & Rare Pt. 2,’ I didn’t know how to speak up to you all or from where I should begin conveying my apologetic heart, so after thinking lots, I am bringing it up like this now,” she wrote.

“After first hearing the news that I wouldn’t be able to release the album, I had no choice but to wait until it was officially announced through the agency to BYULHARANG,” Chungha continued. “I’m really, so, so sorry for not being able to keep my promise to those who were waiting for the ‘Pt. 2’ album and for letting you know so late.”

“If the opportunity arises, I will try to release the ‘Pt. 2’ that BYULHARANG has been waiting for in a new place!” she added.

Chungha also confirmed that she is eager to continue pursuing her career but has not yet signed with a new company. “Although this is not confirmed, depending on the situation later on, I may greet you in a new place with a new channel,” she wrote.

Chungha has been with MNH Entertainment since 2016. She represented the agency in the survival girl group television show “Produce 101”. Chung Ha finished in fourth place and debuted as part of I.O.I. After the group’s disbandment, she debuted as a soloist in 2017.

Chunha’s latest release is her second full album ‘Bare & Rare’ with the lead single “Sparkling”. It was released in July 2022.