Daesung recently graced the pages of Allure Korea, showcasing his charm and style in a stunning pictorial released on May 27. In addition to that, Daesung spoke about his experiences with BIGBANG as well as his solo efforts.

Daesung Reflects on His Experiences with BIGBANG

In the accompanying interview, Daesung opened up about his journey with BIGBANG, offering heartfelt reflections on his deep love for performing. He spoke candidly about the joy and fulfillment he finds on stage, describing it as a unique and irreplaceable experience.ย 

“We weren’t a group that worked hard on broadcast appearances, and in terms of frequency, the tour probably took a bigger part. I was able to naturally experience the realism and liveliness of the performance, and I think that experience fascinated me. It’s the most fun. There are artists who put the weight of their music activities on performances and tour hard, and I think that’s the ultimate goal for me too.”

He also revealed that he discovered how BIGBANG has influenced the people around him.

“These days, when I go to the field, there are a lot of people who say, ‘I was a VIP,’ and it makes me realize how much time Iโ€™ve been active. At the same time, I feel proud. It’s amazing that VIPs are able to grow well and become part of society and collaborate.”

Stepping Out On His Own

Beyond his musical career, Daesung discussed his venture into the digital world with his YouTube channel, โ€œZIP Daesung.โ€

However, Daesungโ€™s fears were quickly alleviated as viewers warmly received his channel. His content, which blends humor, music, and personal insights, has resonated with fans and newcomers alike.ย 

“I was worried when I first received the offer. It seems like the YouTube market is already saturated and there are a lot of channels that look like crap. I tried to dissuade the production team because I felt the timing was late, but I am still grateful that they trusted me.”

So what do his fellow BIGBANG members think about this new endeavor? “Most importantly, my fans enjoy it, and bothย Taeyangย andย G-Dragon love it as well,” Daesung said.

Daesung’s interview with Allure Korea not only highlights his professional milestones but also offers a glimpse into his personal growth and adaptability. As he continues to explore new creative outlets, whether on stage or online, Daesung remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, continually evolving while staying true to his roots.