Dino, the youngest member of the popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN, has made a remarkable entry into the solo music scene with his mixtape, “Wait.” Released on the 27th, the mixtape has already topped the iTunes song charts in 22 countries, including Chile, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore, as of the morning of the 29th.

“Wait” is a track where Dino explores a new style of music, distinct from his previous work with SEVENTEEN. His involvement in writing and composing the lyrics adds a personal touch to the mixtape, making it even more special.

In addition to his solo success, Dino continues to make strides with SEVENTEEN. The group recently completed their largest Japanese dome tour, FOLLOW TO JAPAN, and won the Worldwide Fans’ Choice award at MAMA 2023, held on the 28th. These achievements highlight the group’s ongoing popularity and success in the international music scene.

More of solo Dino in the future

Alongside the release of “Wait,” Dino participated in a Q&A session through his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment. “I’m really happy to release a solo song, something I’ve dreamed of since I was very young,” he said, reflecting on the journey of creating “Wait.” He described the mixtape as a blend of mystery and allure, where “softness and firmness coexist.” Dino urged listeners to notice his unique voice tone and character, which he believes are the core strengths of the mixtape.

Discussing the new facets of his personality revealed in “Wait,” Dino expressed his desire to show a different side of himself. “I wanted to show not the bright and playful usual Dino, but a serious, confident, and strong side,” he explained. 

Although this was supposed to be a solo venture, he revealed that he wasn’t alone when he filmed the music video. “All 12 members of SEVENTEEN came to support me. I felt so loved and wanted to thank and express my love to the members once again.”

He concluded the session with a heartfelt message to his fans, “My first solo mixtape is out. Being able to achieve such a dream is all thanks to you, CARATs. Thank you so much. This is just the beginning, so please look forward to more of solo Dino in the future. CARATs, you are always the reason for my existence. I love you!” – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: SEVENTEEN’s youngest member is all grown up, in more ways than one. Source: X/@pledis_17.