EXO member Baekhyun has sparked excitement among fans by teasing details about his upcoming comeback album. His biggest teaser is an interesting track he claims to be “difficult” yet “sexy”!

EXO’s Baekhyun Drops Spoilers About New Comeback Album

On May 29, Baekhyun interacted with fans on the Weverse platform, posting, “Welcome, first members,” and initiating lively conversations. The occasion marked the beginning of the official recruitment for his fanclub’s first members. Baekhyun expressed his amazement and joy at achieving this milestone, stating, “I’m so amazed that I’m finally recruiting the first members! Achieving things I’ve longed for one by one.”

During the interaction, Baekhyun provided a teaser for his new album, revealing a track titled “Rendezvous.” He described the song as challenging and hinted at its intriguing vibe, saying, “The vibe of the song is quite difficult, don’t you think it leans towards sexy?” Despite his initial intention to avoid high notes, he admitted that the title track felt incomplete without them, thereby raising fans’ expectations for its release.

A New Fanclub

In addition to sharing album details, Baekhyun announced the opening of his first official fanclub recruitment on Weverse, which will remain open until June 16. The announcement comes shortly after Baekhyun established his independent label, INB100, which will manage his solo activities and his participation in the EXO sub-unit EXO-CBX with fellow members Chen and Xiumin. INB100 operates as a subsidiary of ONE HUNDRED, while Baekhyun’s activities with EXO continue under SM Entertainment.

Earlier in the year, following the discontinuation of the Dear U bubble service in February, Baekhyun launched the INB100 Bubble channel in March to maintain communication with his fans. His Weverse channel officially opened on May 17, further enhancing his connection with fans.

Baekhyun’s engagement on Weverse and the teaser for his new album have generated considerable excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipate his next musical release. As Baekhyun continues to navigate his solo career and activities with EXO, his ability to connect with and inspire his fanbase remains unwavering.