EXO’s Suho, a beloved figure in the K-pop world, has set hearts aflutter with the announcement of his much-anticipated solo comeback. May 3 marked a thrilling moment for fans as Suho unveiled the teaser poster and schedule for his upcoming third mini-album, aptly titled ‘1 to 3.’

Suho of EXO Announces New Mini Album ‘1 to 3’

With the album slated for release on May 31 at 6 p.m. KST, anticipation is reaching fever pitch as fans eagerly count down the days until they can immerse themselves in Suho’s latest musical offering. Known for his captivating vocals, charismatic stage presence, and introspective lyrics, Suho’s solo endeavors have consistently garnered attention and acclaim, and ‘1 to 3’ promises to be no exception.

The teaser poster exudes an air of mystery and sophistication, hinting at the artistic direction and themes that Suho will explore in his new music. It also offers some insight into how he prepared for the solo comeback. As fans dissect every detail, the excitement mounts, fueled by the prospect of experiencing Suho’s creative evolution and musical growth.

Suho Confirms Collaboration with Red Velvet’s Wendy ‘Cheese’

Adding to the anticipation is the revelation that one of the tracks, titled “Cheese,” will feature a collaboration with none other than Red Velvet’s Wendy. The song will serve as the second title track of the mini-album. Additionally, the tantalizing partnership between two powerhouse vocalists has sparked immense excitement, with fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness their harmonious blend of voices.

As Suho embarks on this new chapter of his solo career, EXO fans are brimming with anticipation for what lies ahead. With ‘1 to 3’ poised to showcase Suho’s artistry in its purest form, May 31 promises to be a momentous day for EXO-Ls and music lovers alike. Stay tuned as Suho takes center stage once again, ready to captivate hearts and leave a lasting impression with his mesmerizing music.