It looks like Suho has a heartfelt tribute to his late friend. The EXO leader recently opened up about writing an emotional song for the late SHINee member Jonghyun.

Suho Discusses New Song For Jonghyun

On June 7 KST, EXO member and solo artist Suho appeared as a guest on the KBS2 music program ‘The Seasons – Zico’s Artist”. During the show, host Zico brought up a song that has resonated deeply with many fans, “For You Now” featuring Younha from Kim Junmyeon’s debut solo EP ‘Self-Portrait’. This prompted Suho to share the touching story behind the track.

Suho revealed, “I wrote the song while thinking of a dear friend. I was very close to him as a trainee, and we relied on each other during tough times. He always encouraged me when I was feeling down.” His words highlighted the profound bond and mutual support they shared, even before their debut as successful idols.

He continued, “Later, I also found comfort in his songs. I always felt that I owed this friend so much. So I wrote the lyrics thinking, ‘It’s your turn to hear comforting words from me’.” This explanation offered fans a glimpse into the deep emotional connection Suho had with Jonghyun and his desire to reciprocate the support he once received.

During his first solo concert ‘SU:HOME’, which took place last month from May 25-26, Suho confessed for the first time in front of his fans that the song “For You Now” was dedicated to SHINee’s Jonghyun. This revelation was met with an outpouring of emotions from fans who were moved by Suho’s vulnerability and the sincerity of his tribute.

A Beautiful Tribute

The track “For You Now” featuring Younha stands out in Suho’s 2020 album ‘Self-Portrait’ not only for its melodic composition but also for the profound story it carries. It serves as a touching homage to Jonghyun, reminding listeners of the deep friendships and shared struggles within the K-pop industry. Suho’s decision to publicly acknowledge the inspiration behind the song further cements his commitment to honoring Jonghyun’s memory and the impact he had on those around him.

Jonghyun, who tragically passed away in December 2017, left an indelible mark on the K-pop world with his music and artistry. Suho’s tribute through “For You Now” is a poignant reminder of the lasting bonds formed through shared experiences and the enduring influence Jonghyun continues to have on his peers and fans alike.

By sharing this personal story, Suho not only pays tribute to his late friend but also offers solace to those who continue to grieve Jonghyun’s loss. The song embodies a message of comfort and remembrance, ensuring that Jonghyun’s legacy lives on through the music and memories cherished by those who knew and loved him.