Mark your calendars because upcoming rookie group FANTASY BOYS is gearing up for the release of their highly-anticipated debut album NEW TOMORROW. 

On Monday, August 28, the boy group unveiled its timetable for their first mini-album. According to the scheduler, they will be releasing various concept photos, track list, and music video teasers. 

They will also have a special performance on September 16 as a treat to their fans. However, details about this supposed special day have not been disclosed. 

All activities will lead up to the group’s debut showcase on September 21. Meanwhile, preorders for the album NEW TOMORROW begins on September 1. 

In addition to the timetable, FANTASY BOYS also shared a still-cut from their music video, showing the 11 members posing by the beach. 

Other details, such as the number of tracks and title song, about NEW TOMORROW have yet to be disclosed.

Initially a 12-member group, FANTASY BOYS was formed through an MBC global audition program.

However, Pocketdol Studios recently announced that leader Yu Jun Won would no longer debut with the group.

Now, FANTASY BOYS is only made up of members Hikari, Hikaru, Hong Sung Min, Kaeden, Kang Min Seo, Kim Gyu Rae, Kim Woo Seok, KSoul, Lee Han Bin, Lingqi, and Oh Hyeon Tae

Yu Jun Won’s departure from FANTASY BOYS 

On August 23, Pocketdol Studios revealed that Yu Jun Won is no longer part of FANTASY BOYS’ lineup.

According to the agency, Jun Won has been removed from the group due to his “unauthorized departure.” The label added that the idol’s parents also requested to modify the contract several times. 

However, the artist also aired his own sentiments, saying that Pocketdol Studios lied about certain matters in their statement. 

According to Jun Won, instead of editing some unfavorable clauses in the contract, Pocketdol Studios instead attempted to force an agreement after adding more ridiculous demands. 

Because of this, Jun Won reasoned out that he has lost trust with the company. And it was this that made him decide not to continue his relationship with PocketDol Studios. He said that although it’s his dream to debut as an idol, he can’t do that under the said agency.

Currently, the legal battle between the two sides continues even though the label tries to promote FANTASY BOYS’ debut. Meanwhile,  Jun Won has also called for entertainment agencies to treat their artists better and the practice of unfair contracts to be fixed. 

Despite no longer pushing through with the group, Jun Won still asked fans to continue their support for the 11 members of FANTASY BOYS. 

Featured image: FANTASY BOYS drops first teaser for debut album ‘New Tomorrow.’ Credit: Twitter/FANTASY BOYS