FTISLAND is officially gearing up to release their 7th full album, exciting fans with the long-awaited announcement.

FTISLAND Celebrates 17th Anniversary With 7th Full Album Announcement

On June 7, it was reported that the band will make their comeback on July 10 with their 7th full-length album. The news was met with great enthusiasm from fans who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the band.

In response to the report, FNC Entertainment, FTISLAND’s agency, confirmed the exciting development. “FTISLAND is preparing for a full-length album with the goal of releasing it in July,” the agency stated. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the band and their dedicated fanbase.

This upcoming album is particularly noteworthy as it will be FTISLAND’s first full-length album in eight years since the release of their 2016 album ‘Where’s the Truth.’ Although the group dropped a special album ‘Over 10 Years’ in 2017, it is not officially confirmed as their 7th full album. The long gap has only increased the anticipation and excitement surrounding this new project. Fans are eager to see how the band’s sound has evolved and what new musical directions they will explore.

The upcoming album will also be their first major release since their 9th mini-album ‘Sage’, which was released in September last year. The 10-month gap between releases has been filled with anticipation, as fans have eagerly awaited new content from the band. “Sage” was well-received, and expectations are high for this new album to continue that momentum.

FTISLAND Through the Years

FTISLAND, which stands for Five Treasure Island, made their debut on June 7, 2007. The band quickly rose to fame with their unique blend of rock and pop music, earning a dedicated following both in South Korea and internationally. Their debut song “Love Sick” became an instant hit, and they have since released numerous successful albums and singles, solidifying their place in the music industry.

The timing of the comeback is also significant as it coincides with the band’s 17th anniversary. Celebrating 17 years in the industry is a remarkable achievement, and releasing a new album around this milestone adds an extra layer of significance. It’s a testament to their enduring popularity and the strong bond they have with their fans.

FTISLAND’s ability to continually adapt and evolve over the years has also played a crucial role in their longevity. Their music resonates with a wide audience, and they have also consistently demonstrated their talent and versatility. As they prepare to release their 7th full-length album, fans are also eagerly awaiting the next chapter in FTISLAND’s illustrious career. The upcoming album promises to be a celebration of their journey so far and a glimpse into their future musical endeavors.