Mark your calendars for (G)I-DLE’s highly anticipated return! The girl group is gearing up for a summer comeback and they just dropped the first ‘I SWAY’ EP teaser!

(G)I-DLE Confirms Summer Comeback with ‘I-SWAY’ EP Teaser

On June 10 at midnight KST, the immensely popular K-pop girl group officially announced their plans for a summer comeback, sending waves of excitement through their fanbase. (G)I-DLE will be making their grand return with their seventh mini-album titled “I SWAY,” set for release on July 8 at 6 p.m. KST. Accompanying the announcement was a vibrant and colorful teaser that hints at a fresh and dynamic concept for the new album.

The announcement has not only thrilled fans but also set high expectations for the group’s upcoming music and performances. (G)I-DLE, known for their bold concepts and catchy music, have consistently pushed the boundaries of K-pop, and “I SWAY” is expected to continue this trend. Their last few releases have cemented their status as one of the leading girl groups in the industry, and fans are eager to see what new musical direction they will explore in this mini-album.

A (G)I-DLE Summer

Adding to the excitement, (G)I-DLE also unveiled the dates and locations for their 2024 ‘I-DOL’ World Tour. This tour promises to be a monumental event, giving fans around the globe the chance to witness the group’s incredible live performances. The tour will kick off in Seoul on August 3 and 4, where the group will set the stage on fire with their electrifying performances. This starting point is especially significant, as it marks a homecoming for the group, allowing them to connect with their domestic fanbase before embarking on their global journey.

From Seoul, (G)I-DLE will travel across the world, performing in iconic cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Tacoma, Oakland, Anaheim, Houston, Rosemont, Belmont Park, Taipei, Bangkok, Macau, Melbourne, and Sydney. Each stop on the tour promises to be a unique and exhilarating spectacle, showcasing the group’s unparalleled talent and stage presence. Fans in each city can look forward to a high-energy performance, filled with the group’s signature choreography, powerful vocals, and captivating stage presence.

The tour is set to highlight (G)I-DLE’s growth as artists and performers. Since their debut, they have been praised for their ability to infuse their music with distinct personalities and creative concepts. This world tour will not only celebrate their past achievements but also pave the way for future successes, further establishing (G)I-DLE as a global force in the music industry.

In summary, (G)I-DLE’s summer comeback with “I SWAY” and their subsequent world tour are highly anticipated events that promise to deliver memorable experiences for fans worldwide. As they prepare to release new music and hit the road, (G)I-DLE also continues to solidify their reputation as one of the most innovative and dynamic groups in K-pop today.