BTS’s leader, Kim Namjoon, is effortlessly extra in a lot of things. He has an IQ of 148, chose rapping and music over school (he once ranked as South Korea’s top 1% students), serves as BTS’s English translator since he learned the language by watching the sitcom Friends, lives and breathes as BTS’s God of Destruction every chance he gets, and, at the age of roughly 19, started to lead the Bangtan Boys.

Rightfully so, ARMYs all over the world also go extra in celebrating Namjoon Day every September 12. Just like Kookie’s birthday celebration, tributes poured out for leader-nim Rrrrrrrap Monster this year.

Billboards and display ads
ARMYs made it an agenda to let Namjoon and the world know about RM’s birthday. In South Korea, ARMYs installed various RM ads across the country. These include digital billboards, display ads, a book café, a “book street” that showed different tribute posters for the BTS member.

ARMYs in New York were blessed with these Times Square ads.

In Pakistan, ARMYs broke through by putting up RM Birthday Ads in Lucky One Mall, Karachi. Fans say that RM is the first South Korean idol to have such a display in the biggest mall in Pakistan.

Namjoon’s face was also seen in birthday ad displays in Ukraine.

Greeting projects

Namjoon is a known lover of art and museums. With this, ARMY artists teamed up to create a virtual gallery of fanart and fan-made portraits of RM.

ARMYs also showed their love in this 92 minute-long greeting project that’s full of kind words and heartfelt messages for RM.

They also used the occasion to showcase their creativity, as seen in this poem-writing initiative.


RM—along with fellow BTS members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—are loved for spreading light and positivity across the globe. That same spirit is also seen in various RM birthday projects that benefit non-profit organizations, charities, and communities.

This group partnered with Greenpeace for their initiative. It’s a month-long joint project for Namjoon and Jungkook’s birthdays.

Another group of ARMYs worked in creating storybooks for children.

There’s also a birthday charity project that aims to help empower children through art, feeding, and educational programs.

Other ARMYs also gathered to help victims of gender-based violence.

Tree-planting projects were also arranged by ARMYs all over the world.

These are only some of the ways ARMYs celerbated Namjoon Day, and, considering RM’s positive impact, we are certain that there are a lot more out there.

Celebrating the one and only Rrrrrrrap Monster

RM doesn’t mean “Rap Monster” for no reason. He carries the name for his incredible rapping skills. Just check out how he spat and sped through bar after bar in his solo track from 2015.

His performances are just amazing and topnotch

All while exuding that effortlessly cool vibe.

But he can be cute and soft, too. His love for that small crab? ADORABLE.

RM is also known for being one of the youngest and most credited songwriters in the industry. Last July, he trended on Twitter for having more than 170 songs under his name (and counting!).

Even when he is offstage, Namjoon shows that he is the epitome of a good group leader. Even other K-pop idols take him as a role model. We have witnessed this time and again, whether it’s for a huge concert, variety show, or Bangtan Bomb episodes.

He can get a bit scary, but that’s just him caring for the group.

Have we mentioned that Namjoon is a genius?

And that he learned to converse in English by watching the sitcom Friends? Tbh with BTS members taking English lessons now, we will surely miss RM’s strong power translations.

And he’s great at Math, too. Totally nothing extra about it.

He doesn’t fail to make ARMYs and BTS laugh, whether it’s through his jokes, expressions, or just exceeding expectations as God of Destruction.

Beyond all these, we love Namjoon because of his kind heart and how he spreads positivity through his platform.

He even led the UN speech addressed to the youth.

Whenever BTS was asked about RM, a unified voice says that they won’t be who they are today if he wasn’t their leader (and yes, even though he and V once sneaked out for some Melona after tonkatsu while they were still trainees. Lol; I know.) With all their achievements and seeing how well they have raised the Maknae Line, we all have proof that while Namjoon is BTS’s God of Destruction, he has created a lot of good in this world.

Happy birthday, RM!

Featured image: September 12 is Kim Namjoon day. Photo: bts_bighit/Twitter