HYBE, the powerhouse behind numerous K-pop sensations, has responded to the recent controversy stirred by NewJeans parents’ email. The saga began when Ilgan Sports disclosed an email from Min Hee Jin, who forwarded a letter allegedly authored by the concerned parents to HYBE in April.

HYBE Responds to NewJeans Parents’ Email

In the email, the parents articulated grievances regarding the resemblance between BELIFT LAB’s girl group ILLIT and NewJeans, highlighting concerns about Bang Si Hyuk’s handling of NewJeans and related matters.

In response, HYBE has also issued a statement, expressing gratitude for the feedback from the parents. They emphasized their commitment to fostering an environment where artists can thrive creatively while respecting intellectual property rights. HYBE reiterated their dedication to addressing any concerns raised by stakeholders and promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

“We also want to state that the claim that the start of the ADOR incident was due to ‘neglect such as not responding to greetings’ is a one-sided argument and not true,” the statement read.

“We find it very unfortunate that Min Hee Jin is using an old-fashioned practice as she drags in artists and their families in her own battles for her personal greed,” it added.

Furthermore, HYBE assured the public of their unwavering support for both ILLIT and NewJeans, stressing their belief in the unique potential of each group to captivate audiences worldwide. They emphasized their belief in fair competition and vowed to uphold transparency and integrity in all their endeavors.

The response from HYBE seeks to reassure fans and stakeholders alike, conveying their dedication to resolving the issue amicably and upholding the values of creativity and respect within the K-pop industry. As the situation unfolds, all eyes remain on HYBE’s actions as they navigate through this challenging chapter in their storied journey.