Singer HyunA is set to embark on a new chapter in her career as she inked a contract with agency AT AREA

On Monday, November 6, the label confirmed to Korean media that the idol is now under their artist roster. “We will support HyunA in expanding her musical spectrum while she tries new music and performances,” they said. 

Notably, this move marks a significant development for the artist as it serves her return to an agency more than a year. She hasn’t been under any agency since she departed from in August 2022.

AT AREA, an agency founded in 2021 by the music production duo GroovyRoom, is home to a diverse roster of artists. Among their artists include GEMINI, Mirani, BLASÉ, and even HyunA’s ex-boyfriend and fellow solo artist, DAWN

Given the history between HyunA and DAWN, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the female artist signed with AT AREA because of her former flame. 

But the agency was quick to address the rumors, clarifying that the professional move does not indicate a romantic rekindling between the two stars. DAWN was not the reason she signed with us,” the agency explained. They also added that the two being labelmates doesn’t mean that they’re “back together.”

Moreover, the ex-couple maintained their friendship despite splitting in November 2022. The two had a six-year relationship and even got engaged in February 2022. 

What’s next for HyunA under AT AREA?

Additionally, the move to AT AREA t came on the heels of a teaser that the singer dropped on Sunday, November 5.

In a surprise announcement, she released a trailer titled “This is HyunA’s ________” through her official YouTube channel. It left fans abuzz with speculation about what she might have in store for them with this exciting new project.

Also following the confirmation of the artist’s move to AT AREA, the agency released performance videos of HyunA’s new song titled “ATTITUDE.” 


For those unaware, HyunA first made her debut in 2007 as a member of the iconic girl group Wonder Girls. However, her time with the group was short-lived, and she left them the same year. In 2009, she re-emerged on the K-pop scene as a member of the highly popular girl group 4Minute

Yet, it was her solo career, which began in 2010, that truly catapulted her to stardom. Throughout her solo career, HyunA delivered chart-topping hits like “Bubble Pop” in 2011, “Ice Cream” in 2012, and “Lip & Hip” in 2017. 

Now that she’s under AT AREA, fans are looking forward to the next move of this talented artist.

Featured image: HyunA changes her Instagram profile photo. Credit: Instagram/HyunA