HyunA might be gearing up for a surprise comeback, sparking excitement among her fans. Although most fans believe a new trailer confirms the arrival of exciting new music from the soloist, there are also speculations of a completely different project in the future.

HyunA Hints at Surprise Comeback with New Trailer

On November 5, the idol took her fans by surprise by releasing a trailer titled “This is HyunA’s ________” through her official YouTube channel. The trailer features an invigorating dance beat as the background score, complemented by snippets of HyunA rapping the word “attitude.” The clip concludes with HyunA uttering the words “My attitude,” with the word “attitude” appearing in bold red on the screen.

Interestingly, the video hints at an upcoming release scheduled for November 6, fueling speculation that the trailer is a prelude to a new single from HyunA. The sudden teaser has generated considerable excitement and anticipation among her dedicated fan base who are hoping for a surprise comeback.

But is it possible that HyunA is working on a completely different project? There are speculations that the “Bubble POP!” singer’s trailer might be for a new business endeavour. Nevertheless, the truth will be revealed tomorrow.

HyunA’s potential return to the music scene promises to bring her unique style, artistry, and captivating performances to the forefront once again. Fans are eagerly awaiting further details and, more importantly, the release of her upcoming work on November 6, which is anticipated to be a significant moment in her career.

In related news, HyunA previously demonstrated her unwavering support for her former boyfriend DAWN by promoting his latest single “Heart”. Not surprisingly, fans love the friendship between the two but for some, it immediately sparked speculations that the couple will eventually get back together. However, HyunA and DAWN have yet to confirm if they have rekindled their romance.