BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently graced the digital cover of Korean Vogue’s May 2024 issue, where she shared exciting details about her upcoming projects and personal growth. She dazzled BLINKS not just with her words but also with her striking visuals in a summer-inspired, water-themed photoshoot, for which the BLACKPINK member donned jewelry worth millions from Chanel.

In the interview, Jennie opened up about what made her want to start her own independent label. “As someone whose every move is in the public eye, it’s my job to put on a new face every time, and I’m always thinking, ‘What can I do differently this time?’ I wanted to create a space where I could immerse myself in that. Whenever anyone comes up with a new idea, they share it, and everyone is happy where they are. I believe that when the two meet, there will be good synergy, and good synergy will create attention-grabbing newness,” she said of Odd Atelier.

She also reflected on her relationship with her mother. “My mom is very supportive of whatever I do, and we’ve talked a lot about it this year, and it’s been really helpful for me to hear that I don’t have to worry about it, that I can just be me and it will shine through.”

Jennie talks ‘Slow Motion,’ self-acceptance

March saw Jennie release “Slow Motion,” a surprise single in collaboration with American singer-songwriter Matt Champion. Describing her experience, she said the fun they had in the studio played a big part in the song’s success.

“I’ve always loved Matt’s group, and I’ve always loved his voice in particular, so we just kind of stumbled into each other and started hanging out in the studio and writing songs. We had amazing chemistry and had a lot of fun working together. It was a seamless process, and I think that’s what made it come out so well.”

Matt Champion & JENNIE – Slow Motion

Jennie also talked about her journey of self-acceptance.

“This is something I struggle with all the time, and I think it comes down to choosing what’s ‘me.’ I always try new things because I know my fans will support every challenge I take on, but the most important thing is that it’s ‘me.’ It’s so much more fun for me when I can show what I’m going for without feeling forced, and the results are so much better,” she said earnestly. “I had a really busy year last year, touring all over the world, but after it was over, I took a break in Korea to recharge my batteries. I meditated, lay in bed, listened to my favorite music, and just enjoyed the time. I’m always happiest when I come home from the gym and focus on just me.”

Flying solo

Since the magazine hit bookstores and newsstands, she has attended the Met Gala and released a viral collab with Zico. Titled “SPOT!,” the song quickly climbed to the top of the charts in South Korea. It also reached the number one spot on iTunes Top Songs charts in over 31 regions globally, including countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Chile, and Indonesia. In the US, it debuted atop Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Jennie earned her first solo leader on this specific chart several years ago. She first topped the World Digital Song Sales chart in 2018 with her aptly-titled “Solo” single.

With two No. 1s under her belt, Jennie has become one of the most successful South Korean female soloists in the history of the World Digital Song Sales chart. As a member of BLACKPINK, Jennie has topped this chart many times before. Now that she’s flying solo—pun intended—she’s determined to make more good music that will take her to the top of this and other charts around the world. 

ZICO (지코) ‘SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)’ Official MV

She ended the interview by hinting that she may make a comeback sooner rather than later. “I’ve been spending almost every waking hour of my day working on my music lately, and it’s been flying by. I’ve been working hard with more ambition and a desire to share my music with more people, so stay tuned, and I’ll be back in great shape,” she said.

This year promises to be a thrilling one for Jennie and her fans as she continues to evolve both as an artist and an individual. Stay tuned for more updates on her journey and upcoming music. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Who’s excited for what else Jennie has in store? We are, that’s for sure! Source: X/@itgirlenergy.