Jinyoung once again proved he is a force to reckon with. The “Yumi’s Cells” actor won two major awards at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards. During his speech, the GOT7 singer teased the group’s comeback after he completes his mandatory military service.

Jinyoung Wins 2 Awards At 59th Baeksang Arts Awards

Park Jinyoung attended the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards where he won TikTok’s Popularity Award with “Dream” actress IU. He also nabbed the Best New Actor Award for his performance in the film “Christmas Carol”. As he accepted the first award, the “Dive” singer thanked his fans and promised to continue doing his best.

“As I received such a huge award, I will come back healthily after the military service and will greet you again with great works, also with GOT7’s album and my solo album. Thank you,” Jinyoung said.

This is the first time Park Jin-young won a Baeksang award. AHGASEs were proud of the “Devil Judge” actor as he once again proved his talent.

Jinyoung previously confirmed his mandatory military enlistment in a sweet letter to his fans.

“Everyone must be very worried, but I’ve gotten confident and reassured while meeting all of you. That’s why I promise to return as a more mature person and in good health after experiencing a lot,” he wrote. “I’ll think of everyone. Well then, let’s meet again soon. Thank you always, and I love you.”

Park Jin-young will be the second GOT7 member to enlist for military service. In February, it was confirmed that the group’s leader Jay B had quietly enlisted and is currently serving as a public service worker. Jinyoung’s military enlistment will begin on May 8, 2023.

GOT7 previously left JYP Entertainment but continues to pursue group activities. In May 2022, they released the new album ‘GOT7’ and the music video for the lead single “Nanana.”