On February 14, 2024, Calvin Klein unveiled a new ad campaign featuring BTS‘s Jungkook, capturing hearts worldwide on Valentine’s Day. The campaign video, set in New York’s iconic Grand Central Station, showcases Jungkook‘s charisma and style, aligned with the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 theme of self-assurance, fun, and allure. Iggy Pop‘s 1977 classic “The Passenger” plays in the background, adding a timeless vibe to the seven-second snippet that quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter).

Jungkook has been a brand ambassador for Calvin Klein since March 2023. His previous campaigns, including the 2023 Fall collection, have generated significant revenue for the American brand. Following the announcement of Jungkook as the face of Calvin Klein, the stock prices of its owning corporation, PVH Corp, saw a remarkable 20% increase. This highlights the immense impact of his endorsement.

In the monochrome video, Jungkook is seen wandering through a deserted Grand Central Station. He’s wearing a black shirt—unbuttoned to reveal his muscled torso—paired with matching jeans and a silver chain around his neck. He casts smoldering looks at the camera while descending an escalator and sauntering towards a piano in the middle of the station. This underscores the campaign’s edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic.


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Jungkook set social media ablaze

The video set social media ablaze, with fans and followers lauding Jungkook‘s charisma and visuals. Comments like “He’s back to set our hearts on fire” reflect the excitement over the idol’s latest work. This reaction is partly because Jungkook has been serving in the South Korean military since December 2023. Active-duty soldiers can only use their phones at specific times. Ergo, fans don’t hear from him as often as they used to.

Despite his absence, BTS’s golden maknae continues to influence and inspire. Releases like this will whet ARMYs’ appetites for Jungkook content until he’s discharged in June 2025. Before his return, the older BTS members will make their respective comebacks to the entertainment scene. Jin is expected to return in June 2024 and j-hope in October 2024.

This campaign serves as a reminder of Jungkook’s enduring star power, even as he fulfills his national duties. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: This was one of several photos the brand posted after the video went viral. Source: Instagram/@calvinklein.