JYP Entertainment has set the stage for an exhilarating second half of 2024, revealing an ambitious lineup of album releases and surprises that have fans buzzing with excitement.

JYP Entertainment Announces Upcoming 2024 Album Releases

Leading the charge is TWICE’s Nayeon, who will release her second mini album in June. Following her, the entire group will drop their fifth Japanese studio album in July, continuing to captivate their vast international fanbase with their dynamic performances and catchy songs.

Adding to the summer heat, Stray Kids are preparing for a highly anticipated Korean comeback in July. Known for their electrifying performances and innovative music, fans worldwide eagerly await what the group has in store. The release is expected to further cement their reputation as one of K-pop’s most dynamic and creative acts.

NMIXX is also slated to make a summer comeback. Although details remain under wraps, the high expectations set by their previous successful release and the hit title track “DASH” have fans excitedly speculating about their next move.

More Comebacks

JYP has teased even more comebacks from several of its other popular acts, though specific dates are yet to be confirmed. Groups like NiziU, VCHA, MISAMO, NEXZ, Day6, and XDS are all hinted to be preparing new music, ensuring a steady stream of content that will keep fans engaged and thrilled throughout the year.

In an exciting twist, another Stray Kids comeback is planned for later in the year, promising even more of the innovative and high-energy music that the group is known for. The double comeback strategy highlights JYP’s confidence in Stray Kids’ ability to dominate the charts and capture the audience’s imagination.

One of the most surprising announcements is the planned solo debut of a TWICE member. Although JYP has not yet revealed which member will step into the solo spotlight, the news has ignited a wave of speculation and excitement among ONCEs, TWICE’s dedicated fanbase.

Further expanding its artist roster, JYP is set to debut two new groups: LOUD and Project C. LOUD, formed through SBS’s audition program in 2021, has been eagerly awaited by fans who have followed their journey since inception. Project C represents an ambitious collaboration with Chinese music label NCC Entertainment, aiming to create a new wave in the music industry with a unique blend of talents.

Overall, JYP Entertainment’s lineup for the latter half of 2024 promises a thrilling array of comebacks, debuts, and surprises that will undoubtedly leave a significant mark on the K-pop landscape and keep fans globally on the edge of their seats.