Content is king, and idols know it! 

Nowadays, K-pop idols don’t just guest at variety shows, they also star on their own! Having their own programs lets idols share more about themselves to fans, as well as give the fans an inside look at their daily lives. 

Here are some of your favorite idols’ online variety shows you can binge on: 

Run BTS (2015 – present) 
Starring: All BTS members 

What it’s about: The world’s biggest K-pop boy group has their own weekly variety show where they take on missions and play games to win prizes or avoid punishments. In the program, the boys unleash their fun, goofy, and cheeky selves on camera, much to the delight of all ARMYs around the world. With almost 150 episodes as of August 2021, there is more than enough BTS content for fans to watch! 

Where to watch: VLive, Weverse 

24/365 with Blackpink (2020 – present) 
Starring: All Blackpink members 

What it’s about: 24/365 lets Blinks into the lives of Blackpink. The show features the members as they chill in their dorm, shoot their music videos, play games, attend group and individual schedules, learn new skills, and more. The program is currently in its first season and has 16 uploaded episodes. 

Where to watch: Blackpink’s YouTube channel  

NCT Life (2016 – present) 
Starring: All NCT members 

What it’s about: It’s hard to keep up with a massive 23-member group, but NCT Life will help you get to know all the members better! Throughout its 10-season run, the show follows the lives of all members as they travel to different cities and countries. Several seasons also featured the NCT members acting as tour guides for their fellow members.  

Where to watch: NCT’s VLive channel 

Red Velvet Level Up! Project (2017 – 2020) 
Starring: All Red Velvet members (seasons 1 – 3), Irene and Seulgi (season 4)

What it’s about: The girls of Red Velvet take Reveluvs on a trip around the world with them in Level Up! Project. The show currently has four seasons; however, only the most recent one featuring Irene and Seulgi can be viewed outside of South Korea. 

Where to watch: SM C&C YouTube channel

SuperM M-Topia (2021)
Starring: All SuperM members 

What it’s about: SM Entertainment’s supergroup, SuperM, is made up of EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, Shinee’s Taemin, and NCT’s Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark. In 2020, they starred in their own variety show, M-Topia, where they go on a special vacation to relax and bond. During the trip, they also try different missions and avoid booby traps in the games to build their teamwork.

Where to watch: SM C&C YouTube channel

EXO Ladder (2018 – 2019)
Starring: EXO-CBX (Season 1), All EXO members except Lay (Season 2)

What it’s about: Officially titled “Travel the world on EXO’s ladder,” the show features the members as they go on a trip, and what they will do on their journey is determined by the ladder game (used to help choose something at random). In the first season, the EXO-CBX sub-unit (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) went to Japan; in the second season, all members (except Lay) took a trip to Taiwan. 

Where to watch: SM C&C YouTube channel

EXO Arcade (Season 1 2018 – 2019; Season 2 2021) 
Starring: All EXO members except Lay (Season 1); Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun (Season 2) 

What it’s about: On this show, EXO-Ls get to watch their favorite boys compete against one another in various games—from shouting in silence to the Mafia game. Winners get prizes such as snack foods, while losers receive a penalty from the winners. 

Where to watch: VLive, SM C&C YouTube channel

Time to Twice (2020 – present) 
Starring: All Twice members

What it’s about: Twice members bring on the laughs and their competitive streaks with Time to Twice! Each short season (around 5-6 episodes long) takes on a different concept, such as a noraebang (karaoke) battle, healing camping trip, high school, crime scene—and even chocolate factory! 

Where to watch: Twice’s YouTube channel

Twice TV (2015 – present)
Starring: All Twice members 

What it’s about: Twice TV follows the Twice members as they go about their daily lives—album recording, music video shooting, and more. There’s more than 200 episodes to watch, so you won’t run out of vids to binge! 

Where to watch: Twice’s YouTube channel

Going Seventeen (2017 – present) 
Starring: All Seventeen members 

What it’s about: Going Seventeen is an ongoing web series featuring the 13-member boy group Seventeen. The show began in 2017 as a vlog-style program featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the group’s activities. In 2019, it transitioned into a variety/game show series, which saw the boys take on different challenges such as bungee jumping, going to escape rooms, completing an inflatable obstacle course race, and more. 

Where to watch: Seventeen’s YouTube channel, VLive