Members of the Mexican girl group JNS, formerly known as Jeans, have once again voiced their support for the South Korean girl group NewJeans amidst ongoing plagiarism allegations.

JNS React to NewJeans

In a recent TikTok video, the JNS members expressed their admiration for NewJeans and addressed the controversy surrounding the accusations of concept copying.


¡Qué increíble traspasar fronteras y que los 90’s vuelvan con un concepto tan bonito! 🫰🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻 MUCHO AMOR PARA USTEDES. @NewJeans 🐰🌏 #NewJeans #Jeans #fy #fyp #parati #viral #howsweet #kpop #90s #90sthrowback

♬ sonido original – JNS

In the video, JNS members took a positive stance, downplaying the plagiarism claims and instead focusing on the admiration they have for NewJeans. They highlighted the cyclical nature of fashion and music trends, noting that it’s common for new generations to draw inspiration from past eras. The members emphasized that they see this not as an act of copying, but as a homage and a way to keep the legacy of 90s pop culture alive.

“How incredible to cross borders and have the 90’s come back with such a beautiful concept! Lots of love! To NewJeans, congratulations. It’s spectacular that they’ve taken the 90’s concept as a reference and so what an honour. Call us and it would be great to collaborate!” – JNS

Towards the end of the video, JNS interacted with a Korean fan who had brought the controversy to their attention. The fan expressed concerns about the negative impact the plagiarism allegations could have on NewJeans’ reputation. In response, the JNS members reiterated their support for the South Korean group and encouraged their fans to view the similarities as a form of cultural appreciation rather than appropriation.

Did NewJeans Copy a Mexican Girl Group?

The controversy first arose when fans and media outlets pointed out similarities between NewJeans’ outfits, hairstyles, and overall concepts and those of Jeans from the 1990s. Critics alleged that NewJeans had borrowed heavily from the iconic looks and themes that Jeans popularized during their peak.

This stance from JNS members helps to mitigate the tension surrounding the plagiarism allegations and promotes a narrative of cross-cultural respect and admiration. Their support for NewJeans not only helps to defuse the controversy but also sets an example of how artists can positively influence discussions around intellectual property and inspiration in the entertainment industry. As both groups continue to make their mark, this mutual respect can pave the way for more harmonious interactions between fans and artists globally.