NewJeans’ Danielle is gaining significant attention after mentioning ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin during her “Music Bank” speech.

NewJeans Member Danielle Thanks ADOR CEO During ‘Music Bank’ Speech

On May 31, NewJeans performed their new track “Too Sweet” on Music Bank, showcasing an outstanding performance that captivated both the live audience and viewers at home. Their popularity was evident as they secured the first-place win, a testament to their growing influence and the strong support from their fanbase.

Following their win, the members took the opportunity to deliver an emotional ending speech to express their gratitude. Minji, one of the members, initiated the speech by sharing the group’s excitement about their first comeback after a 10-month hiatus. She warmly thanked their fans for their unwavering patience and support during this period. Additionally, she acknowledged the efforts of those who played crucial roles behind the scenes, including their CEO, stylists, and management team.

NewJeans Confirming Support for ADOR CEO

What caught the public’s eye was Danielle’s direct mention of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. Her shout-out was particularly poignant given that Min Hee Jin was making headlines the same day for attending a second press conference regarding her ongoing dispute with HYBE. As Danielle spoke, the atmosphere in the venue noticeably shifted; the crowd’s cheers grew louder, indicating their approval and support for both Danielle and Min Hee Jin.

Danielle’s mention of Min Hee Jin went beyond the usual formalities often seen in such speeches. While it is common for idols to express gratitude towards their CEOs, Danielle’s specific and heartfelt acknowledgment stood out, especially following Minji’s brief thanks. This gesture did not go unnoticed by fans and the media, highlighting the close bond and mutual respect within the NewJeans team and their leadership.

Throughout the feud between Min Hee Jin and HYBE, NewJeans has consistently shown their support for their CEO. Danielle’s public mention further reinforced this solidarity, showcasing the group’s loyalty and unity. The timing of her mention, coinciding with the day of Min Hee Jin’s second press conference, added an extra layer of significance, suggesting that the group stands firmly with their CEO amidst any challenges.

In conclusion, Danielle’s heartfelt mention of Min Hee Jin during NewJeans’ victory speech on Music Bank exemplifies the strong camaraderie within the ADOR family. It also highlights the group’s genuine gratitude and unwavering support for their leadership. This moment not only endeared Danielle to fans but also emphasized the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of those who contribute to their success.