NewJeans may have chosen a side. All five members of the group have reportedly voice their support for ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin during her first trial against HYBE Labels.

NewJeans Voice Their Support for Min Hee Jin

On May 18, 2024, Yonhap News reported that the five members of NewJeans allegedly submitted a petition to the court the day before, during the first trial between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. The court trial was initiated due to HYBE’s request for a provisional injunction against Min Hee Jin, specifically targeting her voting rights regarding the management of ADOR. This petition marks the first official action taken by the NewJeans members in this ongoing legal conflict. Until this point, they had not publicly addressed the issue nor provided any personal statements.

The specifics of the petition remain undisclosed. However, the strong bond between the NewJeans members and their CEO, Min Hee Jin, has been evident since their debut. On May 17, 2024, during the court session, Min Hee Jin’s legal representative stated, “NewJeans want to be with Min Hee Jin,” indicating the members’ preference to continue their professional relationship with her.

Min Hee Jin Vs HYBE

The hearing for Min Hee Jin’s injunction against HYBE occurred at Seoul’s Central District Court on May 17. The injunction was filed by Min Hee Jin to prevent HYBE from terminating her position. During the hearing, Min Hee Jin’s legal team accused HYBE of attempting to sabotage, threaten, and mistreat the members of NewJeans. Additionally, they revealed that HYBE had plans to place NewJeans on an 18-month hiatus, a move that reportedly frightened the members.

The situation has garnered significant attention due to the high stakes involved. NewJeans is one of the most promising new acts under ADOR, which itself operates as a subsidiary of HYBE. Min Hee Jin, renowned for her creative direction and successful management, has played a pivotal role in shaping the group’s identity and success. Her potential ousting by HYBE has therefore raised concerns about the future of the group and the direction of ADOR.

The legal battle reflects broader tensions within the entertainment industry, where creative control and managerial decisions often clash. For NewJeans, the prospect of an 18-month hiatus could severely impact their momentum and growth in the highly competitive K-pop landscape. Their apparent support for Min Hee Jin underscores their trust in her leadership and their desire to maintain stability within their professional environment.

As the court proceedings continue, the outcome will be closely watched by fans, industry insiders, and stakeholders. The resolution of this dispute will not only affect the future of NewJeans but could also set a precedent for how similar conflicts are handled within the industry. The dedication of the NewJeans members to their CEO highlights the importance of leadership and mutual respect in achieving success and navigating challenges in the dynamic world of K-pop.