Red Velvet’s Joy may be teaming up with Kim Hye Yoon as besties in a new drama!

Is Joy Joining The New Kim Hye Yoon Drama?

On June 7, Xportsnews reported that Red Velvet’s Joy is considering an offer to star in the drama “The Year We Turned 29” (working title). This potential casting news has created quite a buzz among fans, eager to see Joy in a new acting role.

Earlier in April 2022, it was revealed that actress Kim Hye Yoon was also in discussions for a lead role in the same drama. This connection heightens anticipation, as both actresses have garnered substantial followings for their previous work.

In response to the report, Joy’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “Joy has received an offer to appear in the drama ‘The Year We Turned 29’ and is currently reviewing it.” Similarly, a representative from Kim Hye Yoon’s agency Artist Company shared that Kim Hye Yoon is still considering her offer, adding, “Nothing has been confirmed yet.” This leaves fans in suspense, hoping for a confirmation soon.

What is ‘The Year We Turned 29’ About?

“The Year We Turned 29” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. It is a youth romance drama that revolves around three individuals, all aged 29 and bearing the name Woo Ri, as they navigate the complexities of love, work, and studies. As they approach their 30s, these three characters learn to mature and rely on each other. They also experience the ups and downs of life together.

The drama follows the lives of three central characters. Bong Woo Ri enters art school later in life and works as a temporary designer at a small magazine company after graduating. Meanwhile, Cha Woo Ri is a direct and cold flight attendant who has worked tirelessly all her life. Finally, Kim Woo Ri has been diligently preparing for a civil service exam for years. However, she is currently on a break after being diagnosed with a panic disorder.

Reportedly, Joy has been offered the role of Cha Woo Ri. There’s no information yet on the role proposed for Kim Hye Yoon. Still, her involvement would undoubtedly add significant star power to the series.

“The Year We Turned 29” was initially scheduled for production as a drama in the latter half of 2020. However, the series was postponed but is now back in preparation for production. The revival of the project has sparked excitement among fans of the webtoon and followers.

As fans await further updates, the prospect of seeing Joy and Kim Hye Yoon together in a drama brings a fresh wave of anticipation. Their potential chemistry and the engaging storyline promise a compelling viewing experience. Needless to say, “The Year We Turned 29” as a highly anticipated drama.