RIIZE has given fans an exciting preview of their concept for their upcoming comeback! The idol group is hyping up their new single “BOOM BOOM BASS” with an interesting “FIND THAT BASS” teaser video.

RIIZE is On The Move in ‘FIND THAT BASS’ Teaser Video

On June 10 at midnight KST, the group released an intriguing teaser video titled “FIND THAT BASS” in anticipation of their return with their first mini album “RIIZING.” The teaser hints at a dynamic and bold concept, setting high expectations for their new release. Both the mini album “RIIZING” and its title track “BOOM BOOM BASS” are scheduled for release on June 17 at 6 p.m. KST, and fans are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a powerful and captivating comeback.

This year has indeed been eventful for RIIZE. The idol group recently made a splash at Tecate Emblema 2024, a prominent music festival where they had the opportunity to interact with renowned Italian rock band Måneskin and Mexican artist Paty Cantú. These interactions not only highlight the group’s rising international profile but also showcase their ability to connect with diverse musical acts from around the world.

A Hilarious RIIZE Event

During their performance in Mexico City, the members of RIIZE experienced an unexpected and memorable incident that left a lasting impression on both them and their audience. While engaging with the crowd, a fan threw a bra onto the stage, eliciting varied and priceless reactions from the members. Eunseok, visibly embarrassed, blushed and tried to maintain his composure, displaying his shy nature. In contrast, Sungchan and Shotaro reacted more expressively. Sungchan, in particular, went through a range of emotions, his face capturing the shock and amusement of the moment. The incident added an unexpected twist to their performance, demonstrating the unpredictable and often humorous side of live shows.

RIIZE’s participation in Tecate Emblema and their lively interactions with the audience reflect their growing confidence and stage presence. These experiences have likely contributed to the development of their upcoming mini album, which promises to deliver a fresh and energetic sound. The teaser video for “FIND THAT BASS” suggests that “RIIZING” will be a bold statement, showcasing the group’s unique musical style and performance capabilities.

As the release date for “RIIZING” approaches, anticipation is building among fans and the wider K-pop community. RIIZE has already proven their ability to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and engaging personalities. With their new mini album and title track “BOOM BOOM BASS,” they are poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, further solidifying their status as rising stars in the industry.