Rowoon is getting ready for a new chapter of his life. FNC Entertainment has confirmed that the SF9 member decided not to renew his contract with the group after 7 years. Instead, Kim Seok-woo will continue to pursue his successful acting career.

Rowoon Officially Leaves SF9 To Pursue Solo Activities

On September 18, FNC Entertainment issued a statement regarding SF9’s status. The agency confirmed that the group is moving forward after every member renewed their contracts.

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment. We’re writing to notify you of SF9’s activities,” the statement read. “SF9’s contract with us came to an end on September 18th, after being promoted as our artist for 7 years since the group’s debut in 2016.”

It is then revealed that although Rowoon renewed his contract, we will no longer promote with SF9.

“All members renewed their contracts with us. However, the group will be starting fresh as an 8-member group except for Rowoon,” the statement confirmed. The company also assured fans that the idol will continue to be active and pursue his acting career.

“Rowoon will be focusing on his individual projects including acting,” they wrote.

FNC Entertainment concluded by stating that Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani will pursue individual activities. They also asked FANTASYs to continue supporting SF9 in their future work.

Rowoon debuted with SF9 in October 2016 with the single “Fanfare”. He immediately began acting the following year, taking on minor roles. In May 2019, he skyrocketed to fame after playing Haru in “Extraordinary You”. From there, Kim Seok-woo actively took part in several shows including “She Would Never Know”, “The King’s Affection”, “Tomorrow”, and “Destined With You”. Rowoon is set to appear in KBS2’s upcoming series “The Wedding Battle” in October 2023.

SF9 recently released their twelfth EP ‘The Piece OF9’ in January 2023. It has not yet been revealed whether the remaining eight members are preparing for another comeback this year.