S.Coups, the overall leader of the globally acclaimed K-pop group SEVENTEEN, recently graced the cover of SPUR Magazine’s June 2024 issue. This marks his first solo appearance on the cover of a Japanese magazine. This milestone comes after he went on a six-month hiatus following an ACL injury. 

During that time, S.Coups was unable to participate in any activities, including photoshoots. So, when he entered the venue of the SPUR Magazine photoshoot, the air was thick with anticipation. Everyone present couldn’t wait to see what S.Coups would do once he got in front of the camera.

S.Coups stood ready

On the day of the shoot, as S.Coups stood ready in front of the camera, the studio was bathed in warm sunlight, an auspicious start to his comeback. Sure enough, when he started striking poses for the photographer, he impressed the whole team with his charisma.

S.Coups donned four different looks for the photoshoot. On the cover, he wears a relaxed silhouette jacket by Dries Van Noten. It lent him an air of gravitas befitting the leader of a 13-member K-pop group, yet it also made him look gentle. Of all the outfits he wore that day, S.Coups said his favorite was a khaki coat and necktie from Fendi, citing it as a perfect example of the “old money look”—a current trend in Korea he’s keen to explore personally.

The feature also delves into S.Coups as an individual. In a revealing two-page interview, he discusses his role as a leader, the dynamics within SEVENTEEN, and his thoughts on the group’s future, offering fans a deeper insight into his personal and professional life. To coincide with the June issue’s release, SPUR Magazine announced a special campaign that includes signed photos. They also released a behind-the-scenes video and outtakes from the photoshoot.

His newfound hobby

In other news, OSEN reported on the 20th that S.Coups will be featured on ENA Channel Fifteen Night’s Real Fan Zone. His episode will be broadcast on the 29th. S.Coups recently participated in a recording as a devoted fan of the Samsung Lions, a baseball team based in his hometown.

S.Coups has taken a recent interest in baseball, sharing his newfound hobby with fans on Weverse. He posted, “I think I found a hobby…maybe I’ll become a baseball fan,” adding, “I guess Samsung is right for me? They are on a winning streak,” and expressing his desire to watch a game.

CARATs are curious about his upcoming appearance on Real Fan Zone. It’s known for its portrayal of passionate baseball fans and includes celebrities like Cha Tae-hyun and Jo Se-ho, who brings a neutral perspective as the show’s MC. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Head to SPUR Magazine’s website to find out how you can purchase a physical copy of this issue! Source: X/@aboutscoups.