It is with a sense of sadness coupled with a huge wave of nostalgia that this has to be said: The second generation of idol groups are setting their careers off into the sunset. Save for a few active ones (considering those groups haven’t been as active as they once were) a lot of groups belonging to the second generation have done their “last” efforts over the past years.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see if you can still remember these events:

Woolim’s Pride: INFINITE

What was the last title track that featured Hoya in the group before he decided to leave both the agency, Woolim, and the group? 

  1. Tell Me 
  2. Top Seed
  3. The Eye
  4. Trick Question: Hoya is still with the group. 


The Nation’s Girl Group: SNSD

In 2018, Girl’s Generation aired their final reality series on VLive before three of its members decided to not renew their contracts with SM, although they are still part of the group that is currently on hiatus. What is the name of their last reality show? 

  1. Girl’s for Rest
  2. Factory Girl
  3. Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys
  4. Does Girl’s Generation do variety shows? 



The group released a full-length album titled Highlight before all remaining members at that time left CUBE Entertainment to establish their own agency, Around Us Entertainment. Why did they change their group’s name to the last album they did with their former agency? 

  1. They wanted a new feel and image for their new group.
  2. They felt that the name B2st is too attached to their old agency, so they wanted a change.
  3. CUBE Entertainment claimed they will be re-launching B2st with new members. 
  4. CUBE Entertainment has trademarked the name BEAST /B2ST.


The Pioneers of Korean Girl Crush: 2NE1

With member Park Bom’s scandal in 2014, the group was not given a comeback since. However, they performed in a show, unbeknownst to us all that it would be the final performance of the group as four. Minzy departed from YG in 2016 and the group subsequently disbanded. In which event was this performance?

  1. 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong
  2. Power (YG Family) World Tour in Taiwan 
  3. All or Nothing World Tour in Macau
  4. 2015 Golden Disk Awards in Seoul 


The Eternal Rookies: TEEN TOP

Teen Top is the first K-pop boy group to have celebrated their 10th year in the Korean music industry without losing members to conscription. What was the first online concert of the group? (It was also their last concert as a full group in a while as Chunji enlisted in the military on August 10, 2020)

  1. Teen on Top
  2. Teen Top 10 Live
  3. Party To.N9ne
  4. 10th Anniversary Concert  


K-Pop’s Top Performers: AFTER SCHOOL 

After School is a group best known for incorporating unique elements in their performances, whether it is on their music videos or their live performances. What unique element did they inject into their last title track, First Love


  1. Tap dancing
  2. Pole dancing
  3. Drum playing
  4. Dressing up like sushi


Hallyu Kings: SUPER JUNIOR

Kpoplife - Super Junior - Staff (3)
Picture credit: Paula Abiog

One of the most challenging things about having a group that has 13 members is having them all present in a project. This is especially true with Super Junior, a group that cannot seem to catch a break because of differences in schedules, scandals, injuries, and members leaving, getting dismissed, or having to fulfill their mandatory military service. What was the last Super Junior music video with all 13 members – Leeteuk, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, Heechul, Sungmin, Kibum, Kangin, and Hangeng – together?

  1. Neorago (It’s You)
  2. No Other
  3. Mamacita (Ayaya)
  4. Mr. Simple


Korean Power Celebrities: GIRL’S DAY

Although all four members haven’t renewed their contracts with their original agency, they claim that Girl’s Day has not disbanded. What was the group’s only single to have charted #1 in the national Gaon charts?

  1. Something
  2. I’ll Be Yours
  3. Ring My Bell
  4. Darling


The Kings of K-Pop: BIGBANG 

What was the last music video released by BIGBANG?

  1. Last Dance
  2. Flower Road
  3. Fxxk It
  4. Girlfriend


The Eternal Fairies of K-Pop: APINK

kpop life- apink 3- twitter
Image credit: Official Apink Twitter

The group that banked on a sweet, innocent image throughout their careers has also had a strong Japanese career with all their Japanese singles charting at the country’s Oricon singles chart. What was the group’s last single released specifically to the Japanese market? 

  1. More! Go! Go!
  2. Dumhdurum (Japanese version)
  3. Thank You (Japanese version)
  4. Orion 


Answer key: 

  1. Woolim’s Pride: INFINITE
    The Eye was Hoya’s last title track with the group.


  1. The Nation’s Girl Group: SNSD
    Girl’s for Rest was GG’s last reality show, which aired on VLive.


    CUBE Entertainment has trademarked the name BEAST /B2ST.


  1. The Pioneers of Korean Girl Crush: 2NE1
    2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong


  1. The Eternal Rookies: TEEN TOP
    They aired Teen Top 10 Live during the pandemic, before Chungji entered the military.


  1. K-Pop’s Top Performers: AFTER SCHOOL
    The members pole danced on both the music video and their live performances.


  1. Hallyu Kings: SUPER JUNIOR
    Neorago (It’s You)
    . After Neorago, Kibim started to be an inactive member, Hangeng left the group, the rest got conscripted, Sungmin started to be an inactive member in 2016, and Kangin left the group in 2019.


  1. Korean Power Celebrities: GIRL’S DAY
    is the only Girl’s Day single that went to the top of the Gaon charts.


  1. The Kings of K-Pop: BIGBANG
    Last Dance
    . Flower Road only had a lyric video, Fxxk It came before Last Dance, and Girlfriend didn’t have a music video.


  1. The Eternal Fairies of K-Pop: APINK
    Orion. More! Go! Go! was released before Orion and Dumhdurum and Thank You did not have Japanese versions.


So, how did you fare? If you scored at least a 7, consider yourself a true blue Second Gen K-pop fan! Nothing to be ashamed of as the Second Gen groups were really something!

Featured Image: Apink Official Twitter