Whether he is your bias or not, it cannot be denied that Seventeen’s Seungkwan is hard to ignore. And if you are a Mr. Boo stan, here’s something to tickle your fancy and remind you, yet again, of some of our UB’s most iconic, meme-able, and adorable moments:

The Seungkwan alarm

On the very first episode of SEVENTEEN PROJECT in 2015, the members were shown waking up and starting their day. Seungkwan looked like he had a headstart and started waking up his members who were still hitting the snooze button. One of those members is vocal team leader Woozi, who fell victim to one of Seungkwan’s more clever ways of waking them up. Instead of sounding off the usual alarm sounds, Seungkwan attacked Woozi who was still lying in bed, with Dam Bi‘s Queen, which he sang along with an audio file:  “AYO LADIESS!!! THIS IS YOUR STORY!!! Ije wake up, wake up, wake up wa-wake up…”

It was not clear if Woozi did get out of bed, as Seungkwan transferred his energies into waking S.Coups. The leader had him in a headlock though, so it seemed he didn’t have time to sing his alarm song. 

When SVT Main vocal meets Apink main vocal…

We all know that even among Seventeen vocal team, the members who are considered the main vocalist of the group are down to two: Dokyeom and Seungkwan. With the master producing skills of Woozi, the sensitive vocals + English skills of Joshua, and the confusing concepts of Jeonghan (Is he an angel? Is he the devil’s incarnate?), the heavy vocal lifting, including the adlibs and vocal runs, are usually left with DK and our Boo. So, when S.Coups, DK, and Seungkwan, who were promoting their Pretty U comeback and Apink main vocal Eunji, who was promoting her debut solo single Hopefully Sky, met in Mnet’s karaoke room for the music channel’s Karaoke on Fire content, it was but natural for Mr. Boo to stage a duet with the Mr. Chu vocalist. 

At first skeptical of his abilities when they chose to sing 4men’s Live in the Memories, Eunji puts him at ease by complimenting SEVENTEEN’s popularity and inviting the two other members into the karaoke booth to cheer them on.

Seungkwan and Eunji traded off parts and harmonized towards the end of the song. The performance was so good that one would think that the impromptu performance was staged or rehearsed. But then again, it was a chance encounter that would leave anyone in awe of Seungkwan’s high notes, stable vocals, and ability to sing on the spot with the industry’s best. 

The tsunami in three acts

It is also a well-accepted fact that aside from being one of the main vocalists of Seventeen, Seungkwan is also known as a variety ace, which means he has the personality (read: the gift of gab) that makes him the perfect guest in variety and talk shows.  Whether it’s his non-stop talking skills, his natural banter with the hosts, or his bottomless reservoir of hidden skills and talents, trust Seungkwan to always make a guest appearance super memorable. 

Such was the case when in 2016, Seventeen were guests on the variety show Star Show 360 with hosts Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Tak Jaehoon. As his talent, he showed a parody of three reactions to an approaching tsunami. For the first scenario, he copies a male lead star upon seeing an approaching tsunami, screaming, “Oh my God, you’re so danger, you’re so danger. (sic)!” In the second scenario, he played a mom picking up her kid from nursery school when she sees a tsunami approaching. Mom Boo suddenly screams “Oh my God oh my god you’re so danger you’re so danger” in a panic while frantically picking up her daughter Jasmin, played by Jeonghan. Finally, in the third scenario, Boo plays a grandpa who has already lived a full and complete life, so he just accepts his fate when he sees a potentially lethal tsunami. 

This skit is so legendary that Seungkwan did it a couple of more times, once on Weekly Idol and another time on Amazing Saturday. And it just never gets old. 

Seungkwan loves his mom.

If there are two things Seungkwan is known to love so much, that would be his hometown of Jeju and his mom. In their debut concert when the group was introduced, Seungkwan practically cried a river when he saw that it was his mom who went up on stage to surprise him as all members had a family to cheer them on. In a show for Dino which featured him going home to Jeju, he discussed his trainee life and how he only had 4 days in his entire training period to see his mom. And, he had spent all of those days crying and hugging his mom because he missed her so much. 

In most variety shows, most members often joke about Seungkwan being a crybaby during award acceptance speeches and when he gets to meet his mom in events, but Carats will always understand and will always have a soft spot in their hearts for a momma’s boy.

Imitating Seungkwan will get you a high kick.

As mentioned earlier, Seungkwan is quite a master when imitating famous people. As part of his skills as a variety ace / master, from Yoo Ahin to Kim Hyuncheol, not a lot of celebrities have escaped Boo’s mastery of imitation. But when it comes to members imitating him, Seungkwan somehow refuses to be a sport about it. Most of the time, he’s a bit sensitive about it, almost always reacting in a (jokingly) negative way.

Seungkwan’s defensive reactions most usually get triggered when it is his Bookseoksoon unit co-member Hoshi who does the imitation. Hoshi is clone-level perfect when imitating Seungkwan’s shaky walk and bent wrists when pointing at something, while his right hand is busy holding a large glass of his favorite drink, an iced americano. Hoshi is also a master when copying Seungkwan’s emotional outbursts when he cries during awards acceptance speeches or when he recounts his difficult days as a trainee when he would miss his family, particularly his mom.  

And those imitations would usually merit Seungkwan strangling him or jumping to execute martial arts movie-style high kicks. Of course, we know that those reactions from Seungkwan are mostly in jest, but it is fun to see Boo acting sensitive when Hoshi imitates him to perfection. 

How Seungkwan always loses every single mafia game.

In all the years that Seventeen has released Going Seventeen, the group has somehow taken the mafia game to a whole new level. And on every staging of the mafia game, which for the purposes of GoSe, they have renamed to Don’t Lie, whether it’s the hidden treasure in the police station or the hotel or the house, Seungkwan always gets killed. Whether by the mafia who have realized that he’s on to something when it comes to his suspicions or because the ordinary citizens get suspicious of his usually defensive pleas, he always somehow gets cut. The worse part of it is, that he is almost always not a mafia member, so eliminating him usually means a step closer for the mafia to winning. 

But because Seungkwan is usually emotional and defensive when it comes to persuading his group members that he is not a mafia, then the mafia members usually take this as an opportunity to make him a suspicious character. For most of the episodes, it has been agreed by the members that the emotional players will usually lose the game since they act excessively defensive and thus, become suspicious. And because our Seungkwan fits the bill, it is usually a foregone conclusion that in Don’t Lie episodes, Seungkwan almost always gets eliminated.  

Alas, Seungkwan is also one of the most expressive members of the group. He freely speaks his mind, which is obviously a threat to the mafia members who don’t want to keep on ruffling feathers. Because he is always forthcoming with his observations, he always needs to be silenced. 

Seungkwan can be clumsy, too. 

It is known to all Carats that when it comes to clumsiness, it is Mingyu who takes the top position. It can be funny to think that someone as handsome as Mingyu can make things break or cause accidents even when he’s not moving a lot, or sometimes even when he is doing nothing at all.  But all SVT members are never spared of their butterfinger moments, not even sassy Mr. Boo. 

In a concert, there was a segment where The8 showed the audience his skills in nunchucks, being the amazing Chinese martial artists that he is. After displaying his skills, the two emcees, Seungkwan and Hoshi, interviewed him about his weapon, and for some reason, the nunchucks ended up in Seungkwan’s hands (a really scary event, if you ask me). Of course, our main vocal could not pass up the chance of looking cool with the implement he was holding, so he also did a couple of moves. He continued to play with the nunchucks until alas, the inevitable happened: One of the nunchuck’s  hit the back of his head. Good thing, it didn’t hit him hard, or his attempt at looking cool could have ended up in a bloody affair, with him being rushed to the hospital.

So, there you have it, folks, just seven of countless meme-worthy moments only coming from our eternally-sassy ray of sunshine, Boo Seungkwan. If you’re feeling down and you need some sassy Boo to pep you up, here’s another article on one of Boo Seungkwan’s struggles in life: the English language.

Featured Image credit: Official Seventeen Twitter