Lee Jung Jae is poised to make a significant impact in Hollywood, adding a prestigious new project to his impressive career portfolio. On May 13, the highly anticipated series “Star Wars: The Acolyte” unveiled a teaser for the latest thrilling installment set in the beloved galaxy far, far away.

New ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Teaser Reveals More of Mysterious Story

“The Acolyte” is a mystery action thriller that transports viewers to the golden age of the Jedi, a period rich with untold stories and legends. The plot centers around a chilling serial murder spree targeting Jedi, thrusting the audience into a dark and suspenseful narrative. As the sinister force behind these murders comes to light, the series promises to explore deep-seated secrets and hidden truths that could alter the course of the Jedi’s history.

In this ambitious project, Lee Jung Jae steps into the role of Jedi Master Sol, a character renowned for his exceptional martial arts prowess. To authentically embody this character, Lee Jung Jae underwent rigorous action training in the United Kingdom, ensuring his performance would be both convincing and captivating. His commitment to the role underscores his dedication to bringing a new dimension to the “Star Wars” universe.

The teaser opens with the ominous news of a murdered Jedi, immediately setting a tone of mystery and urgency. Master Sol, portrayed by Lee Jung Jae, is depicted confronting Mae, played by Amandla Stenberg. The tension peaks as Sol declares, “She was my student. Let me be the one to bring her in,” hinting at a personal and complex storyline intertwined with the broader narrative of Jedi and Sith conflicts.

The Apprentice Weighs in on The Master

Amandla Stenberg, co-starring alongside Lee Jung Jae, praised his performance, especially highlighting his prowess in action sequences. “Actor Lee Jung Jae, who plays the role of Sol, really shines. In particular, he does amazing in action scenes, and it feels like he is dancing,” she shared. Her comments reflect the seamless blend of martial artistry and choreography that Lee Jung Jae brings to his role, elevating the series’ dynamic and visual appeal.

“The Acolyte” stands out as an exciting addition to the “Star Wars” franchise, promising a blend of mystery, action, and deep lore that fans eagerly anticipate. Lee Jung Jae’s involvement not only amplifies the series’ star power but also introduces his remarkable talent to a wider international audience. As the series premiere approaches, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting to see how Lee Jung Jae’s portrayal of Jedi Master Sol will unfold and what new layers it will add to the expansive “Star Wars” saga.

“Star Wars: The Acolyte” premieres on Disney+ on June 5, 2024.