Get ready for new music from Super Junior! The idol group is set for a June comeback with the new single “Show Time”!

Super Junior Teases New Single Release ‘Show Time’

On June 7, Super Junior announced that they would be making their much-anticipated return with a brand-new single titled “Show Time,” set for release on June 11. The announcement has sparked excitement among fans worldwide, as it marks the group’s first musical release in over a year and a half. Super Junior’s last comeback was in December 2022, making this new single a highly awaited event for their loyal fanbase.

“Show Time” is described as a funk-pop song that kicks off with a strong brass sound and impactful vocals. The track promises to deliver a groovy rhythm accompanied by an infectious guitar sound, perfectly designed to highlight Super Junior’s signature fun showmanship and energetic performance style. Known for their ability to blend various musical genres and create catchy, memorable songs, Super Junior is expected to bring a fresh and vibrant sound with “Show Time.”

Get Ready for the ‘SUPER SHOW’

In addition to their new single, Super Junior is also gearing up for an exciting series of live performances. They are set to perform at Seoul’s KSPO Dome on June 22 and 23, marking the beginning of their “SUPER SHOW SPIN-OFF: Halftime” tour. These concerts are highly anticipated events that promise to be spectacular showcases of the group’s extensive discography, electrifying stage presence, and dynamic choreography.

The “SUPER SHOW” concert series has been a staple in Super Junior’s career, known for its high-energy performances, elaborate stage setups, and interactive fan experiences. The upcoming “Halftime” tour is expected to build on this legacy, offering fans an unforgettable live music experience. It also serves as a testament to the group’s enduring popularity and their ability to continuously captivate audiences with their performances.

Super Junior, formed by SM Entertainment in 2005, has established themselves as one of the most influential and enduring acts in the K-pop industry. With numerous hits, successful albums, and sold-out tours, they have also maintained a strong presence in the music scene for nearly two decades. Their upcoming single “Show Time” and the subsequent tour also further solidified their status as legendary performers.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Show Time” and the start of the “SUPER SHOW SPIN-OFF: Halftime” tour, there is also no doubt that Super Junior will continue to impress and entertain with their musical talents and showmanship. This new chapter in their career is also set to bring fresh music and unforgettable performances, reinforcing why they remain a beloved and iconic group in the world of K-pop.