Hyomin has finally found a new agency. The T-ARA member has signed a contract with ANDMARQ more than two years after leaving Sublime Artist Agency.

Hyomin Signs With New Agency 2 Years After Leaving Sublime Artist Agency

On June 2, ANDMARQ issued a statement confirming that Park Sunyoung has signed a contract with the agency.

“Hyomin, who has made her mark globally through activities in a wide array of fields such as music, acting, and variety shows, has signed an exclusive contract with us.”

The agency continued, “We will be unsparing in our active support of Hyomin, who is versatile and has many different sides so that her talents can fully blossom to her heart’s content.”


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This is great news for fans who have been waiting for an update from Park Sunyoung. After all, it has been more than two years since her exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency expired. Now that she is with a new agency, there is a huge possibility that Hyomin will pursue her acting career.

Hyomin has been a celebrity long before she debuted with T-ARA. She started out as a model and was a known internet ulzzang before she became a JYP Entertainment trainee. She debuted with T-ARA in July 2009 with the single “Lie”.

In addition to being a popular idol, Park Sunyoung also made a mark as an actor. She played notable roles in shows like “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”, “Gyebaek”, and “The Thousandth Man”. In 2013, Hyomin became the first South Korean idol to lead a Japanese film in “Jinx!!!” with Japanese actor Kento Yamazaki.

For now, ANDMARQ has not yet revealed Hyomin’s future plans for her career. However, fans are hoping she will release new music and reunite with T-ARA. In addition to that, people are looking forward to Hyomin’s next movie or TV series role.