Changjo has finally signed up with a new company. The TEEN TOP main dancer just signed an exclusive contract with a new agency after leaving TOP Media in January.

TEEN TOP Maknae Choi Jong Hyun Signs With BEAT INTERACTIVE

BEAT INTERACTIVE issued a statement confirming that Choi Jong Hyun had signed with the agency.

We signed an exclusive contract with actor Choi Jong Hyun (Teen Top’s Changjo) in June 2023,” the statement read. “Choi Jong Hyun holds a strong footing as a member of Teen Top and has a strong fanbase both domestically and internationally.”

We will become Choi Jong Hyun’s reliable partner and support him so that he can infinitely unfold the potential he has as an actor,” it continued. “Also, we will provide wholehearted support so he can promote solo in a variety of ways, including album promotions and various content.”

The statement concludes with the company asking fans for “lots of support and interest in Choi Jong Hyun.” It is noted that Changjo “is taking a new leap as an actor and solo artist” with BEAT INTERACTIVE.

There is a good reason why Changjo has finally signed with a new agency. In April, it was confirmed that TEEN TOP is preparing for their first comeback in four years. Since Choi Jong Hyun did not renew his contract with TOP Media in January, he will need a new company to represent him.

Choi Jong Hyun is now just the main dancer for TEEN TOP, he is also an accomplished actor. He has appeared in TV shows like “Sweden Laundry” and “My Brother Disappeared”. In 2015, he took on a lead role in the movie “Mak Girls”.

TEEN TOP is currently preparing for their comeback which will be the first one since C.A.P’s departure. Bang Min-soo announced that he is leaving the group after his shocking outburst during a controversial live stream.