TREASURE‘s comeback is making waves across the globe with the release of their new single, “KING KONG.” Dropped on May 28 at 6 p.m. KST, the track has quickly climbed global iTunes charts, signaling a triumphant return for the group.

TREASURE’s ‘KING KONG’ Dominates Global iTunes Charts

Immediately after its release, “KING KONG” began dominating iTunes charts in numerous countries. By 9 a.m. KST on May 29, the song had already secured the No. 1 spot on iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 18 regions. These regions include Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Peru, and Singapore, showcasing TREASURE’s expansive and enthusiastic international fanbase.

In addition to their success on iTunes, “KING KONG” also achieved impressive rankings on Japanese music platforms. The single topped both Rakuten Music’s and AWA’s realtime charts, further highlighting the group’s widespread appeal and the strong reception of their latest release in Japan.

The success of “KING KONG” is a testament to TREASURE’s growing influence and popularity in the global music scene. The group’s ability to capture the attention of audiences worldwide reflects their hard work, talent, and the dedicated support of their fans.

Another Major Career Win

TREASURE, managed by YG Entertainment, has consistently shown their versatility and appeal since their debut. Their music, characterized by dynamic performances and catchy melodies, has resonated with a diverse audience, propelling them to the forefront of the K-pop industry.

The group’s latest achievement with “KING KONG” not only adds to their list of accomplishments but also sets a promising tone for their future activities. This comeback marks a significant milestone in their career, reinforcing their status as rising stars in the global music industry.

The members of TREASURE have expressed their gratitude to fans for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. Their connection with fans, often referred to as “TREASURE MAKERS,” plays a crucial role in their ongoing success. As the group continues to promote “KING KONG,” fans can look forward to more exciting performances and content.

Congratulations to TREASURE on their successful comeback! The group’s continued rise in the music industry is eagerly anticipated by fans and music lovers alike. With their talent, hard work, and the backing of a global fanbase, TREASURE is well on its way to achieving even greater heights in their musical journey.