TWICE is gearing up for a new release in August. The girl group just dropped a mysterious new teaser for “Killin’ Me Good”. But is the unexpected poster for a group comeback or one member’s solo debut?

TWICE Releases Mysterious New Teaser ‘Killin’ Me Good’

The official TWICE social media accounts shared the new teaser. The image only features a woman’s hand on a car’s steering wheel. Additionally, the caption simply says, “You’re killin’ me good. August 2023”.

It’s a mysterious yet exciting tease considering that ONCEs are already looking forward to TWICE’s next comeback. However, fans also believed this might not be a full-group project. There are speculations that the teaser is for one specific member’s solo debut.

Is ‘Killin’ Me Good’ A TWICE Comeback Or Jihyo’s Solo Debut?

Some fans believe that “Killin’ Me Good” is actually for Jihyo’s solo debut. People have discovered that the file name for the image was “JH-M1”, which is believed to mean “Jihyo-1st mini album.”

The idea of a member finally getting another solo debut is an exciting one for ONCEs. Nayeon had previously released her solo debut EP ‘Im Nayeon’ back in 2022. Hopefully, TWICE leader Jihyo will get her time to shine later this year.

For now, the details about the mysterious “Killin’ Me Good” project have not yet been revealed. However, new information could be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

In the meantime, the Japanese members of TWICE are preparing for their subunit’s debut. Mina, Sana, and Momo have previously been confirmed to debut as the subunit MiSaMo. The trio released an original soundtrack titled “Bouquet” for TV Asahi’s drama series “Liaison: Children’s Heart Clinic” in January 2023. Their debut EP, which will consist of six new songs, will finally be released on July 26, 2023.