TWS is moving forward with their debut plants despite the controversies they’re facing. Ahead of their official debut on January 22 with Sparkling Blue, TWS dropped a profile film. TWS is the first new boy group to debut under PLEDIS Entertainment since SEVENTEEN nine years ago.

The profile film follows the prologue film they released on January 2, which revealed the names and faces of the six members: Dohoon, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin, Shinyu, and Youngjae. The prologue film highlighted their training, determination to perform well, and close-knit brotherhood. It showcased them performing for HYBE founder Bang Si-hyuk, SEVENTEEN producer BUMZU, and a few members of SEVENTEEN. The song the sextet performed in the prologue film, “OH MYMY : 7S,” is a dynamic slice of rollicking funk. 

TWS (투어스) Profile Film

However, the group’s visuals have sparked mixed reactions online. A viral post on South Korean forums titled “PLEDIS’ New Boy Group Members Revealed” included photos of the members. Some netizens expressed disappointment that they’re not as handsome as other fifth-generation rookies. Others defended them, suggesting that the photos didn’t do them justice and that their styles would evolve, much like SEVENTEEN‘s did.

TWS is in a challenging position

But that’s far from the only problem plaguing TWS. TWMStrap, a company specializing in handmade watch straps, accused TWS of plagiarizing their logo. “The logo of TWS seems too similar to our logo, which we created and trademarked,” TWMStrap said on Instagram. “The brand is planning to file a complaint for infringement with the assistance of a lawyer. Copying cannot be tolerated. [The logo] is the face of the brand.”

TWMStrap reached out directly to the band on social media, seeking a dialogue about the issue. PLEDIS Entertainment responded with a statement, promising to conduct an internal investigation regarding TWS’s logo. Aside from the logo, TWS is also receiving backlash for its slogan. Netizens believe it’s too similar to ENHYPEN’s slogan. ENHYPEN fans have trended different hashtags on social media, expressing their concerns over the similarity.

TWS (투어스) Prologue ‘Oh Mymy : 7s’

These controversies have put TWS in a challenging position even before they officially enter the K-pop industry. As they navigate these issues, the guidance and support of PLEDIS Entertainment and HYBE will be vital in determining the boy group’s future. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The boys are in hot water already, and they haven’t even debuted yet. Source: X/@pledis_twspics.