UNIS has delighted their fans with the announcement of their official fandom name! The announcement was made less than two months since the group debuted in late March.

UNIS Reveals Official Fandom Name

On May 15, the rookie girl group revealed the results of an official poll where fans voted to decide the name that would represent their community. “EverAfter” emerged as the winning choice, also symbolizing the lasting bond and continuous support between the group and their fans.

UNIS, a newly formed eight-member project group, was created through the SBS survival show “Universe Ticket.” The show also featured 82 contestants from around the world, including participants from South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Canada. These contestants also competed in various challenges, showcasing their talents and determination to secure a spot in the final lineup of the multinational girl group.

UNIS’ Road to Success

The final lineup of UNIS comprises eight talented members: Hyeonju, Nana, Gehlee, Kotoko, Yunha, Elisia, Yoona, and Seowon. Each member also brings her unique background and skills to the group, contributing to their dynamic and diverse presence in the music industry. Their debut EP, “We Unis,” includes the empowering track “SUPERWOMAN,” which has resonated with fans for its strong message and catchy melody.

The choice of “EverAfter” as the fandom name is fitting, as it evokes a sense of timeless connection and mutual support. It signifies the fans’ unwavering dedication to UNIS and the group’s commitment to delivering inspiring performances and music. The name suggests a fairytale-like journey, with the fans and the group embarking on an adventure together, overcoming challenges, and achieving dreams.

UNIS’s formation through “Universe Ticket” has already garnered significant attention, not only for its innovative approach to creating a multinational girl group but also for the individual stories and journeys of its members. The group’s debut has also been met with enthusiasm and support from fans across the globe, and the announcement of the official fandom name further solidifies their growing community.

As UNIS continues to promote their debut EP and connect with their fans, “EverAfter” will also play a crucial role in their journey. Fans can look forward to more music, performances, and interactions that celebrate the bond between the group and their supporters. With their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for music, the members of UNIS are poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene, supported by their devoted EverAfter fans.