Winwin‘s decision to personally address his absence from upcoming WayV promotions has shed light on the situation, sparking a wave of reactions and sentiments from fans.

Winwin Breaks Silence on WayV Promotions Absence

While SM Entertainment initially attributed Winwin’s absence to his drama filming schedule, Winwin’s own statement has provided a different perspective on the matter with WayV.

At the end of last year, I got told by the team that we would start preparing a new album in May. So from January to April this year, I participated in the TV series shooting, but the plan to produce the album was suddenly brought forward to the end of March. At that time, I was on the set, shooting my main scene, and I really couldn’t adjust the time to participate in group activities. In order to participate in the new album, I have communicated with the team about various alternatives, but the final result is that it is a pity that I can’t participate in this comeback. I want to say sorry to Wayzenni, who are looking forward to our WayV’s comeback. I also wish that WayV’s comeback can achieve good results. I will be here to support everyone,” he wrote.

Fans React to SM Entertainment’s Decision

Fans have voiced their disappointment and frustration with SM Entertainment, expressing concerns that the label may have intentionally excluded Winwin from the group’s activities. Many fans have criticized the company’s scheduling practices, highlighting a perceived lack of communication and transparency in managing their artists’ commitments.

Winwin’s decision to speak out has prompted fans to rally behind him, offering messages of support and solidarity. His willingness to address the situation directly has not only provided clarity but also underscored the importance of open communication between artists, fans, and management.

As discussions continue to unfold within the fan community, Winwin’s statement serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in the entertainment industry. Fans also remain hopeful that SM Entertainment will address their concerns and prioritize the well-being and inclusion of all artists under their label.