YG Entertainment is finally addressing the recent reports about G-Dragon’s contract expiration. The agency issued a statement regarding the issue and confirmed that they are negotiating with the BIGBANG leader.

YG Entertainment Confirms G-Dragon’s Contract Expiration, Renewal Negotiations In Progress

On June 5, several reports reveal that G-Dragon was omitted from YG Entertainment’s Quarterly Report. The table lists all of the agency’s talents in the “Major Contracts and R&D Activities” column. Kwon Jiyong’s omission from the list seemingly confirmed that the BIGBANG member’s contract had expired.

YG Entertainment immediately addressed the reports, claiming that the omission was due to a “system error.” Additionally, the company issued a new statement confirming that G-Dragon’s contract has expired.

It’s true that G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired,” a spokesperson for YG Entertainment said. They then added that Kwon Jiyong is in negotiations with the agency for a possible renewal.

“We are currently discussing various options including partial contracts for his activities in areas such as advertisements,” they said. “Should the artist wish to resume his promotions as a musician in the near future, we plan to negotiate a new contract with him and offer him the agency’s full support.”

If the renewal negotiations are successful, G-Dragon will be the last BIGBANG member to stay with YG Entertainment. Taeyang is currently signed with YG affiliate THE BLACK LABEL while Daesung signed a contract with R&D Company in April 2023.

Although they will no longer work under the same label, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung are all expected to continue group activities as BIGBANG.

In related news, T.O.P recently confirmed his departure from the group. The BIGBANG rapper recently responded to a fan comment on his own Instagram post. Choi Seunghyun claimed that he left the group when his contract with YG Entertainment expired and he is currently working on a solo project.